2019 May 10

Worldwide exclusivity: try the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR at the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann!

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Try the 3dRudder for PlaystationVR before anyone else!


From May 15th to May 26th, the 3dRudder settles at the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, France!

Here is an unique opportunity to discover this revolutionary foot-powered motion controller, created exclusively for PlayStation®VR. The 3dRudder for PlayStation VR will enhance your gaming experience for the better!

The motions, the thrills, the gameplay: all your senses are heightened to ensure a striking, immersive and seamless experience in virtual reality. 

Come try the 3dRudder at the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, the most glamorous shop of the world where you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view from the Glasswalk and its Funarea, a unique and colourful installation suspended in the middle of the Galeries’ iconic Dome.

Take your shot in a gaming contest on Playstation VR!


From May 15th to May 26th, we invite you to enroll for our gaming contest! Seize the opportunity to try the 3dRudder for Playstation®VR in early-access on the third floor of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and take up the challenge in a crazy race in the VR game Beat Blaster! 


Every day from 5pm to 7pm, take your shot and qualify for the Grand Finale on Saturday 25th May 2019! You may bring home one of the three PlayStation® packs including PlayStation®VR 4 consoles, Playstation®VR headsets, PS Move Motion Controllers and the 3dRudder for a total value of 1600€! 

For the occasion, the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann will have a limited quantity of 3dRudder for Playstation VR available for sale. You want to be among the very first lucky PSVR players to own a 3dRudder? Get yours before anyone else at the corner Boulanger, on the 6th floor of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann!

Thanks to our partner Made In Design for providing us with these incredible chairs.

Galeries Lafayette PSVR 3dRudder

Here is everything you need to know about the 3dRudder!


The 3dRudder grants you full motion control when playing on PlayStation VR. Rest your feet on the 3dRudder and make yourself comfortable. You are about to experience motion in VR like never before!

With the 3dRudder, you can move in every directions simply by tilting or spinning the device the way you want to go. Move forward, backward, turn left or right and rotate up to 360° without breaking your neck! This new PSVR peripheral genuinely paves the way for infinite possibilities and provides what has been eagerly awaited by the PSVR players: full freedom of movement! 

Another huge benefit for PSVR gamers? All your motion controls are transferred to your feet. You can thus use your hand controllers for action only! Your hands are fully devoted to shooting, looting, gripping or hitting just like you would in real life. 

The 3dRudder for PSVR: a game changer


This is the perfect peripheral to move with a great precision in PSVR games. As an analog controller, the 3dRudder lets you speed-up, slow down and stop exactly when you want to.


 “The 3dRudder for Playstation®VR is a game changer. Full freedom of movement. Hands free for action. A sheer VR experience.” – VRPlayer.f

Whether you use it to close the gap in a fight with a hostile creature in Immortal Legacy, to get the upper hand (no pun intended) in a fast-paced race in Beat Blaster or to dodge the AI robots’ attacks in Scraper, the 3dRudder foot controller gives your hands double the power. What you decide to do next is up to you!

Combine directions to explore new areas in a smoother way and surprise your enemies in more than 30 compatible games at launch. In the near future, the PSVR peripheral will be compatible with even more great PSVR games. 

Compatible with all PlayStation®VR accessories, the 3dRudder offers an immersive way to play with the Move Motion controllers, the Aim controller or the Dualshock4 depending on the gameplay. Feel free to read the article about the 3dRudder on PlayStation website. You can also check the list of compatible games by clicking here


The 3dRudder will officially be available in store on June 17th 2019! For those in a hurry, we suggest you pre-order the 3dRudder and get the full PSVR gear now! 


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