2018 March 23

We tried World of Warcraft Legion with the 3dRudder

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Hi, my name’s REMY, I’m 23, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since Burning Crusade and today I’m going to play WOW Legion with the 3dRudder foot controller.

My WoW from Burning Crusade to Legion

First of all, a few words to introduce myself. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2007. At that time, I was just a 12-year old kid who wanted to have fun playing with his friends. I kind of took my game up a notch when I joined the Osmose Guild a few years later (that was with WoW Cataclysm) and started collecting mounts and pets.

Yes, by the way, I’m more into PVE and I think collecting mounts is a lot of fun. I have about 200 among which 3 I’m very proud of: Ashes of Al’Ar (it took me no less than 2 years to beat the statistics and get it!), Time-Lost Proto-Drake (I had to stay posted one whole month at the same spot to win it) and Poundfist’s (because my Guild was the first of Dalaran’s server to kill it).

The 3dRudder is a second keyboard for WoW…

I heard about the 3dRudder controller a few months back and discovered they had a page on their website about World of Warcraft. I read their literature and it came as a surprise to learn the foot controller could emulate a keyboard and kind of become a 2nd keyboard to be used simultaneously. And I thought, hey, the 3dRudder is a motion controller so if I can assign all that’s moving to my feet, then I’d be able to do more with my hands. And it could be pretty cool to cast more spells and macros…

So here I am with my left hand on my -real- keyboard, my right one on my mouse and my 2 feet on the 3dRudder. The WOW configuration 3dRudder offers through their dashboard (the software you use to set up the controller) is no good to me (keys don’t match my controls) so I have to modify the mapping but overall, I must say it’s fairly easy to do and offers enough combinations. I assigned my WASD keys + the 4 arrows to the 3dRudder: moving around, turning and zooming in and out will be my feet’s job! I made a screenshot to show you. Let’s see…

Let me rephrase: the 3dRudder is a winning controller for WoW!

After 3 hours playing World of Warcraft Legion with my 3dRudder, I must say it’s a lot of fun. It takes some time to get used to it, not that the controls are tough to learn – truth is it’s really intuitive- but you just have to prevent your fingers from taking over your feet. Honestly within one hour, you will get used to it, and my overall impression is that it’s really cool. Here are the 3 reasons why trying it out convinced me to keep it.

when you have these long journeys to travel, you just need to keep the 3dRudder tilted forward to keep going and when you want to turn around, you just tilt it sideways to the left or the right and it instantly makes you turn in the game. You no longer need to do a right click and turn your mouse. Easy and very convenient.

traditionally during raids I sometimes find it hard to avoid efficiently Areas of Effect because when it gets real fast-paced, in the confusion, my fingers will unintentionally slip on a WASD key while trying to hit spell keys. When I used the 3dRudder, this never happened: I was accurate in my moves, more agile and I found it very natural to move with my feet and have my fingers 100% dedicated to spells. More efficient at raids = more powerful equipment to collect? Cool!

last but not least, using the 3dRudder frees up 16 keys on my keyboard (bear with me here: WASD keys x 4 combinations with direct hit / shift / control / alt = 16). OK, if like me you don’t use the S to move but have already it assigned to a spell, it still makes 12 more keys ideally located on your keyboard to assign spells and macros. How about that?

Conclusion about playing World of Warcraft with the 3dRudder?

– Intuitive to use: learning curve < 2 minutes

– Fairly easy to set up and enough possibilities to map all kind of key combinations in WoW
– Makes you more agile to dodge others’ spells and more efficient during raids
– Frees up 12-16 central key combinations to assign more spells & macros to your keyboard

Now all you need to do is let your feet take controls!

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