2018 February 12

We tried Stand Out VR: Battle Royale with the 3dRudder and ProTube VR rifle stock

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To make a long story short, the 1st time we met Romain, the inventor of the ProTube VR rifle stock, was in 2016 when our project (the 3dRudder VR controller) still was at development phase and so was his. We’re now in 2018 and a few days ago Romain came to our office to try out Stand Out VR Battle Royale with the 3dRudder motion controller and the ProTube VR rifle stock.

What’s it like playing with the ProTube rifle stock and the 3dRudder seated?

Romain at ProTube VR talked the 3dRudder team into playing a VR FPS with the ProTube VR rifle stock, promising the 3dRudder would be a perfect match. At the beginning we were surprised because the 3dRudder is a controller you use seated, and we thought the guys who invested in such a testosterone-loaded accessory would want to play standing to feel like they actually are standing on the battlefield. Thing is, Romain is a seasoned gamer and passionate about what he does so, when he tells you it’d be cool to play seated with his VR rifle stock and combine it with the 3dRudder VR controller, you’re inclined to agree.

Let’s try out Stand Out VR Battle Royale

Who better than the creator of ProTube—the only rifle solution compatible with every VR FPS game, no less—could decide which game to choose to try out the 3dRudder in combination with the VR rifle? The creator of the VR rifle himself! Among the games that are natively compatible with ProTube, Romain picked Stand Out VR Battle Royale. As we had never played the game before, we downloaded it from Steam and prepared the settings for the 3dRudder in the 3dRudder’s dashboard while Romain was making himself comfortable in our home-designed film studio.

Ready? Start!

When Romain gave us the go ahead, we started Stand Out VR Battle Royale and pushed the record button. Funny to see how he got totally absorbed in the game in a matter of seconds and how intuitively he was operating the 3dRudder. Over the last 2 years before shooting starts, Romain must have played with the 3dRudder for 15 minutes tops and as any FPS gamer, truth is he probably never used his feet for gaming. Then we thought he might have become more of a VR FPS gamer, one who plays standing so we watched closely if he would reflexively start standing up for action. He never did. Instead he was totally immersed in the game, in a special-ops way, climbing up hills, checking houses, aiming with his VR rifle, firing.
He was so focused he hardly heard us tell him we were done shooting. He was our guest, so we let him play as long as he wanted. He looked like he was having so much fun.

First impressions?

Today, we asked Romain what he thought about his 3dRudder-ProTube-Stand Out seated experience. “The 3dRudder is very quick to learn and use and the games configurations available in the 3dRudder’s dashboard are a hassle-free way to get started. We, at ProTube VR, sense there is a growing number of players who want to play seated in their couch, and meeting this demand means there must be a competitive alternative to room scale experience. The way we see it, the 3dRudder is a perfect fit for games with vast spaces such as Stand Out, Fallout 4 VR, …) and it can be used in competitive MMO games with comparable performances as roomscale play.”

We’ll be testing other games soon. Stay tuned!

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