2019 August 8

We tested Undead Citadel in world premiere for Gamescom 2019!

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We tested Undead Citadel in worldwide exclusivity with the 3dRudder!


In case you didn’t know, game studio Dark Curry is currently developing an impressive new combat title in VR going by the name of Undead Citadel. Set in the medieval era with a story centred on undead annihilation, the game is announced to be “hybrid” physics-driven, with a rich set of action controls, weapons, and combat dynamics.


Many have been waiting for some updates about the game as well as a release date to put on their calendars. Let’s be straight: no, we don’t have it. But we have something better! We tested the next combat phenomenon in worldwide exclusivity in its PC VR version and we must say we enjoyed every minute of it!

And so, without further delay, here are our first impressions on the unreleased game Undead Citadel.


Undead Citadel: an exciting combat title coming soon on PSVR and PC VR


From the first combat trailer, we imagined the game to be highly interactive, with sharp graphics, a good storyline, and a charismatic character named Sir Anvil Capheus. But we couldn’t wait to see live what the developers were truly capable of in terms of graphics and gameplay.


“Wow!” That was our first reaction when we finally launched the game on PC. The game is really pretty! From the grass to the puddles, from the reflection on weapons to the skulls cracked open, everything looks quite sharp.


As the game is still in progress, we can’t wait to discover the level of graphics and the polished details of the final version. But from what we saw, the game has the potential to be one of the most beautiful games you’ll see in VR, with a quality that may compete with AAA games using this technology.



The Horde Mode of Undead Citadel: an endless arena full of surprises


In the Horde Mode, your character must defeat waves of fierce and skilled walking dead jumping and harassing you from all sides. A true epic mode that will offer several maps and types of enemies to confront.


The gameplay is way more tactical than it seems. In order to break the defence of your dead opponents, you need to use your brain and hit where it hurts! Each walker is equipped differently, with its strengths and its weaknesses, but they all definitely have the most unbreakable armor that can only be pierced with targeted attacks.

You cannot hit the walkers anyhow, expecting them to fall after three or four hits. Undead Citadel doesn’t work like that. If you do that, you will surely break your weapon and end up running away till you find another one, with a horde of walkers on your back.


The advantage is: we finally get to see some challenges! The more you understand the combat dynamics of Undead Citadel, the more your hits are effective. After a few minutes, we got better results by targeting the neck, the legs, and by waiting for the perfect opening in our opponent’s guard, just like in a real sword fight.

As a last resort, you can also use your fist to punch the dead in the face: a trick reserved for bad ass players only!



The 3dRudder maximizes your experience while you handle both your weapons


Our character can handle one piece of equipment on each hand. Our team tried a few weapons such as two different swords (a shiny black one and a rusty one), an axe, and a shield we happened to steal from a walker. In Story Mode, we were able to grab more items from our surroundings, such as pots and candles, and to use the bow and arrow.


Using both hands, your experience will be even more immersive if you make full use of your hand controllers for fights and interaction only! We know VR games developers have always had trouble choosing the right system of locomotion, especially in games that include a lot of interactions. Luckily in Undead Citadel, you’ll be able to choose between free locomotion and teleportation. But remember there’s nothing like moving in-game with the 3dRudder foot motion controller and that’s a fact.


With the foot controller, you’ll be able to circle around your target during a fight and dodge the attacks with great precision. Your mind will be fully focused on pushing back the waves of skeletons and improving your technique, as your feet lead you absolutely everywhere you want to go. It is particularly efficient when using the bow with two hands while moving around to get the best angle.


As confirmed by the game studio Dark Curry: “Combats in Undead Citadel rely on the ability to perform life-like movements. The 3dRudder lets players move around more naturally with their feet, and their arms can focus on the combat.”



With Undead Citadel, Dark Curry is on track to create a solid VR experience


Undead Citadel developers have made great efforts to enhance the immersion. For example: we appreciated the quality of the sound effects (especially when you clash swords with an enemy, break some bones, or get hit in the back) and the game offers a great soundtrack.


During the test, we found ourselves jumping a few times because a skeleton just appeared over our shoulder without seeing him coming. At the end of the third wave, we even ended up with an entire torso skewered on our sword and, to make it fall off, we had to shake our weapon for a few seconds. The audacity.


In addition, physical interactions are definitely on point. We played around, kicking random things on our way to the citadel like hanging panels, candles, and pieces of wood. Interacting with objects, grabbing weapons on the floor, and manipulating them felt indeed very natural. Among the possible actions, we also managed to light a candle with another and to make some items from the scenery move by shooting them with arrows.


We hope you enjoyed this first test of Undead Citadel. For our part, we surely did!


The very good news is that you’ll be able to test the first chapter of Story Mode for the FIRST TIME EVER at Gamescom 2019 on the 3dRudder booth, where a demo station will be dedicated to this exciting action title on its PC VR version. It should be enough to keep you waiting until the official release date!


We are very excited to see you there and hear of your expectations of Undead Citadel, as well as the other games we’ll be displaying. Join us from August 21th to 24th in Hall 10.1, Booth n° B 050 to discover this upcoming title in world premiere!
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