2019 December 19

We started adding 3dRudder foot motion controller support to the Oculus Quest

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The introduction of hand and finger tracking on the Oculus Quest finally enables a VR setup where users are free of hand controllers. Yet they still have to move in VR to explore the multitude of worlds and experiences it offers. The 3dRudder provides the only motion control solution at the feet that is intuitive, effortless and natural. To celebrate this new Oculus Quest feature, we just updated our free companion Dashboard software for the 3dRudder for PC and added a beta version for Oculus Quest in the 3dRudder SDK accordingly, enabling the use of games with the 3dRudder and the creation of new games and experiences on the Oculus Quest.


The 3dRudder vision for VR is that of games and experiences where hands are free of controllers to act naturally, and our foot motion controller is used to handle effortless and hyper intuitive movements at the feet.

This vision is coming one step further with the recent announcement of the addition of hand and finger tracking to the Oculus Quest. Hands are suddenly magically available and fingers start to do what they are used to in real life.

Yet, you need a way to move around in the VR world. This is where the 3drudder comes in, a foot motion controller that is:
– Intuitive: anyone, 7 to 77 years old and older, can use it in a matter of seconds.
– Effortless: as it is used seated and is based on the human body natural balance, the 3dRudder can be used for hours.
– Natural: After about 20 minutes, the VR user will start to forget she’s moving with the feet, all focused at what she does with her hands.

To begin making this vision a reality, we introduce today several features to our 3dRudder companion Dashboard and a beta section of our SDK.

An update to the 3dRudder Dashboard, letting Quest users connect to a 3dRudder hooked to a PC:

– For users who want to run WebXR experiences (JavaScript, WebVR, BabyloneJs…) with the 3dRudder, you can integrate our script. Ex. A-Painter as shown in this video.

– For users who play PC VR games on their Oculus Quest using the Link cable, we now offer our advanced VR unleashed feature for the Oculus Quest.

3dRudder dashboard - Oculus Quest - VR Unleashed

3dRudder dashboard – Oculus Quest – VR Unleashed

– An App (“The Whale”) to be released in the coming days, after the availability of the Oculus Quest SDK, letting users experience first-hand the combination of the 3dRudder together with the Quest hand tracking.

We also release a beta section of our SDK, enabling developers to integrate the 3dRudder into their Oculus Quest games and experiences. Interested developers should contact 3dRudder by registering on the developer website 3dRudder-dev.com to be granted access to this section.

We just updated our Dashboard on PC to start adding support to the Oculus Quest and enable what VR ought to be: games where hands are free of controllers to act, motion handled effortlessly at the feet with the 3dRudder foot motion controller.

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