2019 January 29

We played The Wizards Enhanced Edition with the 3dRudder on PSVR

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The Wizards Enhanced Edition is an adventure game that will put you in the shoes of a wizard defending his land from herds of fantastic creatures such as orcs, ogres and goblins.

Become a Wizard, and fight enemies with incredible spells

The core of the gameplay is based on casting spells by performing gestures with your PS Moves. By doing so, you can for instance activate a magic shield to protect yourself, summon and throw fireballs, use a badass magic bow or fry your enemies with electricity in a Star Wars’ Sith lord fashion.
This gameplay mechanic is incredibly fun and immersive. It truly makes you feel like a magician and the large variety of spells creates tons of gameplay possibilities.
If you play The Wizards Enhanced Edition on PlayStation VR without the 3dRudder, you can either teleport yourself or use free locomotion by pressing the Move button and orienting the Move controller in the desired direction.
This can be a bit tricky as it is extremely difficult (or impossible) to move in the desired direction and cast a spell at the same time. Or, for instance, to shoot arrows at an enemy while going backwards as it runs wild on you.
The Wizards Enhanced Edition dragon

The 3dRudder doubles your superpowers in The Wizards Enhanced Edition on PSVR

In The Wizards Enhanced Edition, the 3dRudder brings full freedom of movement powered by your feet. To trigger motion, you just need to tilt the device forward or backward to move forward or backward, tilt it left or right to strafe, or rotate the device to turn. The more angle you angle each movement, the quicker you move.
The 3dRudder truly makes a difference here as you control can your moves with your lower limbs, and keep your hands free for action. You can turn around enemies, go backward, forward, strafe left or right while casting spells and sending these creepy creatures back to Oblivion. Running away from your enemies while summoning your Ice bow and shooting them becomes possible. And utterly enjoyable!
The 3dRudder’s settings can be directly modified via the game’s options menu. You can adjust the speed and sensitivity to fit your play style at any time. You can also adjust your height in the game to make sure playing seated does not dwarf you in the game.

The 3dRudder definitely enhances gameplay

Here is what David Jagneaux from Upload VR wrote after playing The Wizards Enhanced Edition with the 3dRudder on PSVR at CES:

We’ve seen The Wizards on PSVR before and it played fine, but using the Move controllers for smooth movement was clunky and similar to Skyrim. Now with a 3dRudder I can focus on movement with my feet, just like I’d do in real life, and use my hands with the Move controllers. Since I don’t need to point my hand to move around this means I can do things like shoot a magical bow while strafing and back pedaling or moving around the game world while still throwing fireballs and holding up magic shields. In this way, it actually improves, enhances, and expands gameplay for PSVR.


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