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WarOwl Plays Counter Strike Using 3dRudder Foot Controller

WarOwl Plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive Using the 3dRudder

In our latest video, the awesome WarOwl plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive using the 3dRudder! He adjusted the configurations to give him exactly the movement he wanted, moved throughout 21 minutes of game play without using his hands (except for a few hits to the control button, to make a quick edit, or to shoot and kill his opponent), and enjoyed his experience – making an announcement at the end of game play that we think surprised him and we were thrilled to hear! Our foot controller for video games stood up to WarOwl’s test as he walked and ran quite well, and WarOwl even figured out how to jump and duck using the 3dRudder.

Surprisingly Natural Movement

If you’ve watched WarOwl, you probably know that he receives non-sponsor and sponsor equipment to try as he plays Counter Strike and similar games. We sent WarOwl the 3dRudder to offer him a new way to play, moving characters with a foot controller that allows natural movement when walking, running, jumping, ducking, charging enemies, hiding, or even reloading weapons.

Easy to Custom Configure

The 3dRudder performed amazingly well as a foot controller for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and WarOwl’s game play was fantastic! After just a bit of time getting the configurations exactly the way he wanted, where a small forward lean led to a run and a bit of movement left or right offered quick sideways motion, WarOwl experienced hands-free video game play that he admitted was much easier than he thought it would be.

WarOwl’s 3dRudder Foot Controller Destroys Opponents!

WarOwl had his “feet cam” recording all of the 3dRudder action so viewers could see how simple it was to select weapons, climb ladders, and make kills. Using the 3dRudder only, he bragged to online opponents while playing about all the destruction he was causing them just using his feet. Check out WarOwl playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive using the 3dRudder!

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