Foot-powered motion controller for VR & PC games.

Incredible Motion Experience

Put your feet on the 3dRudder & experience motion in your games like never before. Move forward, backward, strafe left and right, rotate, and move up & down. Speed up, slow down, stop exactly when you chose to.

Move in your VR games like never before

Walking, running

In FPS games, the 3dRudder lets you move your character with incredible ease

Piloting, steering

Fly your plane or vessel on up to 4 axes & perform incredible aerial manoeuvres

Hovering over, spectating

Experience helicopter-like motion & move freely in 360° environnements

No teleportation. Move naturally where you want to go to and enjoy a fluid immersion experience.

The 3dRudder offers full freedom of movement in VR

The 3dRudder grants you access to free locomotion with full motion control. Just put your feet on the 3dRudder, tilt it, spin it or press your feet to trigger motion in your virtual reality games. The wider your range of movement on the 3dRudder, the faster your in-game movements. Forget teleportation or room-scale limits. Move freely: unleash your VR experience.

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Become a superhero

With no constraint of space, no physical strain, no complicated set-up, you can fully enjoy how wide VR is. So just sit down, put your VR headset on and let your feet make you feel like a superhero, taking you to a more thrilling reality.


Experience foot-powered free locomotion in your VR games & VR experiences. The 3dRudder is compatible with VR games purchased on Steam VR and the Oculus store.

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3dRudder box

Free up your hands
for action

Freed-up from motion management, your hands finally can focus on shooting,
looting, hitting, weapons swapping, or menus… You double the action,
and get fully immersed in your games.

The 3dRudder is compatible with the best-selling VR headsets

Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S

The 3dRudder is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift and the Touch controllers. The 3dRudder is your foot-powered VR motion controller, and frees up your hands to get more immersed in your VR games.

HTC Vive

The 3dRudder works perfectly with the HTC Vive and the wand controllers. Transfer motion management from your hands to your feet and get more immersed in your VR games.

Compatibility with HTC Vive Pro: coming soon.

WMR VR headsets

The 3dRudder is compatible with the new Window Mixed Reality VR headsets such as the Samsung Odyssey to play virtual reality games purchased on Steam VR.

You like it black?

We do! That’s why we created the Black Edition special bundle.
Customize your 3dRudder foot-controller, and save money!

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The 3dRudder is also a great controller for gamers with limited mobility

Let the 3dRudder grant you access to your favorite games on PC & Xbox.
Surprisingly intuitive, it will take you a few seconds to familiarize with the controls of the 3dRudder.
Versatile, the 3dRudder is an impressive PC controller that can turn into a foot keyboard, a foot joystick, a foot mouse, or an Xbox foot controller using the Xbox Adaptive Controller, in the blink of an eye.

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