2021 February 5

Using the 3dRudder One-Foot System as A Foot Mouse

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As a stroke survivor or someone with only one valid body side, you may be using the 3dRudder One-Foot System to play games. Now you may also want to use it as a foot mouse. Unfortunately, as you are aware of, using the one-foot mode prevents you from clicking with the feet as this function requires both feet active.

The solution is to use the numerical keyboard of your PC. First you need to activate the option “Turn on Mouse Key” in the Accessibility options of Windows. This enables you to use the numerical keyboard to click for as long as the numerical keyboard is not engaged.
Clicking is done by pressing “5”, after selecting which button to press, “/” for left, “-” for right.
The left or right mode is persistent, meaning you don’t need to press “/” or “-” for as long as you want to click on the same side of the mouse.
“+” is for Double click.

Detailed information on using the numerical keyboard as a mouse can be found on the dedicated Microsoft support page.

Detailed information on the foot mouse operation can be found here.

The versatile One-Foot System can be used for more:
– As a Foot Pedal,
– As a Foot Joystick,
– As an Hotas,
– As a VR motion controller.

Should you want to buy the 3dRudder One-Foot System, please visit our online shop.

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