Step back into the game

The 3dRudder One-Foot system lets stroke survivors, wounded or injured gamers get back into gaming by enabling them to play with the valid side of their body.

Game keys or sticks are mapped at the foot and players can play as they used to before.
– For PC gaming, the 3dRudder can be turned into a partial keyboard (up-to 12 keys) or a 3-axes joystick.
– For PC VR, it can be used to move in games with SteamVR and Oculus games.
– With the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive controller, it can take over 2 axes of the Xbox gamepad sticks.

The 3dRudder One-Foot system can be used at the left or right foot.

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PC Gaming

The 3dRudder One-Foot system is comprised of:
– The 3dRudder foot controller for PC,
– The One-Foot Holder adapter (not yet available for the 3dRudder for PlayStation),
– The 3dRudder Dashboard.

Thanks to the 3dRudder Dashboard, you can now play your favorite PC games. For example, you can map WASD to the feet along with up to 8 more keys or combinations of keys, and play games like CS:GO, Word of Tanks,…

You can also use the 3dRudder as a partial mouse or as a 3-axes joystick.

For the VR fans, you can move in VR games and environments running on PC VR headsets (SteamVR and Oculus Rift/S games).

The One-Foot System Works With the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

The 3dRudder is natively supported by the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC).

By plugin the 3dRudder into the side of the XAC, you can use it as 2 of the axes of the Xbox gamepad sticks.

For example, you can play Forza with the feet as shown in the video below (here with 2 feet, but it would be the same with just one foot).

More details here.