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How to Unleash VR mode for 3dRudder

3dRudder Unleashed VR Installation Guide


This page describes how to install and test the software tool UnleashedVR. This tool allows to interface the 3dRudder device with the SteamVR platform.

• the SteamVR platform has been installed and the VR hardware has been calibrated
• the user has a basic knowledge to set and use the 3dRudder device

To install 3dRudder UnleashedVR, download the corresponding setup from Github, and run it.

The appropriate link is:

After installation, the following window is displayed.

3dRudder Unleash VR Configuration 1



First, the user must select the driver corresponding to the VR hardware to interface. The available drivers are shown in a drop list, near the window top right corner.

3dRudder Unleash VR configuration 2

Possible choices are:
• Lighthouse (Vive), currently the only validated driver,
• Oculus,
• etc.

Then, press the button ‘Activate’. This will trigger the following actions:
• stop the SteamVR engine if running,
• replace the standard sensor DLLs by our modified DLLs,
• restart the SteamVR engine,
• rename the button ‘Deactivate’.

Finally, press the ‘Calibration’ button.

Note : to cancel the driver files modifications, and return to initial condition, press this button ‘Deactivate’.



Once activated, the software controls are enabled.

3dRudder Unleash VR configuration 3

The software can be configured in 2 ways:
• with the user interface controls,
• by loading a configuration file.

Some configuration files are in:

The user interface allows to:

With the frame ‘VR Locomotion’: • enable the 3dRudder to move the HMD,
• set the move speed ratio for each axis,
• activate or not, the smoothing of the 3dRudder data (see note 1)
With frame ‘Controllers Mapping’: • enable the 3dRudder to trigger controller actions,
• associate each 3dRudder axis to a specific controller action
With frame ‘3dRudder’: • set the response curve for each 3dRudder axis: dead-zone, curve shape,
• activate or not, the non-symmetrical pitch (see note 2),
• activate or not, the calibration on 3dRudder startup (see note 3),
• set a vertical offset applied to the HMD and controllers; this allows for example to use the HMD while seated, but getting the same HMD altitude as using it in standing position
With button ‘Save’: • write the current setting in a configuration file.

Notes :

1) The smoothing is a low-pass filter, taking as input N successive values of each axis, and giving as output the average of this values.
2) Non-symmetrical pitch : this features allows to manage, for the pitch axis (forward/backward), a ‘0’ position of the 3dRudder which is not horizontal; the firmware will compensate for this as shown hereafter:
3dRudder Unleash VR configuration 4

The firmware will apply a smallest gain for the angles in the interval with larger travel, and a bigger gain for the lower travel; thus giving the same output value (with opposite sign) for the extreme angles.
3) Calibration on 3dRudder startup: if this option is activated, the software will record the HMD position when the 3dRudder is started (feet on device). This position will be used as the reference (i.e. initial) HMD position.


At this step the VR game can be started. Enjoy !

Feel free to send us configurations files for your favorite games. We’ll include them in the next release.

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