Play Robo Recall with Locomotion 3dRudder mod

1. Download & Install

First, make sure Robo Recall is already installed on your computer.
To add the 3dRudder locomotion mod to the game, you need to download 2 files. The download is free and the files are available on Github.
Click here for a direct access to the Github page.

Github page 3dRudder mod for Robo Recall

On your Pc, go to the folder RoboRecall\Binaries\Win64 and drag the 2 files Rudder.robo and Locomotion3dRudder.robo one after the other onto the RoboRecallModInstaller.exe (or just double-click Locomotion3dRudder.robo and Rudder.robo if it’s already associated).

Press ‘Yes’ when prompted to install each 2 files.
Click ‘Play Now’ after having installed the 2 files or just run RoboRecall-Win64-Shipping.exe directly.

2. Sit down, step up, and play!

You can sit down and prepare for the game. Put your feet on the 3dRudder, put your Oculus Rift VR headset on, and grab your Touch hand controllers.
On the command panel, you now have the ‘Locomotion3DRUDDER’ mod available. Select it (it will appear in the center column as ‘enabled’). Choose your game and start playing.

Robo Recall locomotion3dRudder mod menu

If you haven’t yet played Robo Recall, please note you’ll first need to play the tutorial in teleportation mode before you can access the mod menu where you’ll be able to select “Locomotion3dRudder”.

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