2019 June 28

Trainer VR with the 3dRudder: discover the perfect combo to start with VIRTUAL REALITY!

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Trainer VR: the ultimate game to discover virtual reality on PSVR or PC!



Have you ever thought about reliving the great era of train games? Then, Trainer VR is a game for you! Created by Sumalab studios, Trainer VR is a physics-based wooden toy building game. No puzzles, no urgent missions and no impossible challenges here. The game is easy as pie, fun and, I must say, quite addictive! It’s a really nice game to play when you need to clear your head after a hard day or to take some time for yourself.


Here is the killer-app if you are a beginner in virtual reality! The game is made in a way that turns virtual reality very easy to grasp: no intrusive colors, no speed, no enemies and, above all, minimal motion sickness. You don’t have to assimilate complex instructions and controls. Take all the time you need to explore this calm environment at your own pace and enjoy the views. As the Playstation game catalog describes, “if you like to build with your own bare hands, you’ll see your dreams come true in this limitless VR world.”

Trainer VR PSVR 3dRudder. 3


Trainer VR lets you push the frontiers of your own imagination



In Trainer VR, the map is TRULY limitless! Imagine a wide plain white area with absolutely nothing on it: that’s your playground. Clearly, it’s way more enjoyable than playing in a child’s room (unless you live in a big mansion, but I can’t relate). Free your imagination to build huge structures that your younger self could only dream of. And THAT is the real power of virtual reality: making the impossible possible.


If you don’t like this kind of sleek visuals, then you can choose the Far West setting with its canyons, its sand-coloured ground and, as a bonus, a beautiful sunset in the sky. In this one, you’ll be able to create a more sophisticated path between the canyons. By building bridges and using tunnels, find resourceful solutions for your train to pass over or under the cliffs.

Trainer VR 3dRudder PSVR 6


In Trainer VR, use animations and interactions to upgrade your rail network on PSVR or PC VR!



It’s so easy to build your circuit! Grab the items you need in the menu in front of you and place them on the ground. You can either sue the PS Move Controllers or the Dualshock 4. I will say that the first thing you should do is place the basic tracks for the train to move on. But if you are more interested into Trainer VR’s animated people and animals, feel free to do as you wish!


There are a various range of items that you can use to build your rail network: tracks, crossroads, bifurcations tracks, bridges, support platforms, freights, and even cargo that you can put in the freights. In terms of scenery items, you also have an impressive choice. There are nice factories, monuments and vehicles that you can spread across the map to create your environment.


Some of the items are in fact interactive, like the cross signs and the lampposts. You can use the red activation buttons for your train to activate the interactions by itself. But we are not in a remastered version of Animal Crossing either! The game also has T.N.T. and other explosives in store for people who prefer worst-case scenarios. You can thus sabotage your own constructs, crash your train on a cliff and kill all the passengers, if that’s your definition of “having fun”. No judging, Trainer VR is a safe space.


Trainer VR PSVR 3dRudder.



Use the 3dRudder foot motion controller to move up to 360° around the map and experience a smoother navigation



Equipped with the 3dRudder foot motion controller, it’s way easier to navigate between railways, trains and buildings. No need to use teleportation anymore! You can now move around in 360 degrees in a smoother way. The controller makes your movements fast, simple and intuitive as you follow the course of your train on the map. Speed also comes with graduation so you’ll be able to walk more or less quickly.


There’s even a nother great possibility enabled by the 3dRudder: the up-down feature! “Wait, the up-what?” The up-down, my friend. Let me explain! By pressing simultaneously with the toes of one foot and the heel of the other foot on the 3dRudder, you can easily go upward or downward on the map. It means that you can either get closer to interact with your environment or elevate to have a better overview. This navigation feature is great in-game and lets players get acquainted with virtual reality dimensions and scales in the best way possible.


Trainer VR is available now on the Playstation Store as well as on the Oculus and the Steam stores for PC gamers. If you want to experience new navigation possibilities and a more natural gameplay in this game as well as in around 30 others compatible games, the 3dRudder foot motion controller is available now on our shop here.


Hurry up, the train is leaving!

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