2015 January 9

Tom’s Hardware’s CES 2015 Top Picks

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Although 3DRudder is a fledgling VR company — it’s actually still raising money on Indiegogo to fund its flagship, foot-controlled VR peripheral — the demo we experienced at CES felt like a complete product.

As we said in the initial post about our experience with 3DRudder, it’s a half-bowl-shaped foot controller designed for VR applications ranging from gaming to training to engineering. It’s one of those products that sounds like a joke on paper, but when we sat down and worked our way through the demo, it was clear that 3DRudder is the real deal.

It’s equipped with four sensors and allows you to zoom in or out of a 3D image; rotate around a 3D object; move up and down within a 3D environment; and strafe left or right. It’s a little sensitive, but in short order we found that navigating was intuitive, easy and powerful.

Clearly, it needs to be paired with other devices and applications to realize its full potential, but it delivers on its promise in a big way.

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