2020 March 25

Tilt brush: How can the 3dRudder improve your creativity?

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Tilt brush: How can the 3dRudder improve your creativity?


To understand how the 3dRudder can be used in Tilt Brush to maximize your creativity, we decided to interview a Tilt Brush artist using the 3dRudder in his creations. We were aiming at understanding how Tilt Brush users are using the controller and how it could transform their experience.


Rein Bijlsma, a VR artist, was very kind to answer our questions and give us some insight on his use of the 3dRudder in Tilt Brush:

Can you tell us about you?

I’m a self-employed artist, living in the Netherlands.

After creating 2d art (photorealistic and surrealistic oil paints and drawings) for most of my life, I
made the switch to create art in virtual reality. A few years ago, VR goggles like the HTC Vive became
available for a wider audience and I was one of the first in the Netherlands to buy one of them,
aiming at creating art in virtual reality.
The Vive came with a “paint” program called Tilt Brush and once I used it I knew that this would
change the way art is created completely.
Using programs like Tilt Brush and similar ones is a combination of painting and sculpting, but
without being restricted by 2d space limits like the size of your frame or paper or the size of your
It offers endless possibilities, and now I can create literally everything I could only have dreamed of.
Usually I create enormous large-scale scenes in VR, which is very easy because you can sculpt
something very small at first and then resize to whatever size you want with a few gestures of my
Resizing, copying, replacing, moving, erasing and saving your art is a piece of cake when working in
virtual reality, where the only drawback is that is digital.

Can you describe your project?

After creating many ‘old school’ scenes in Tilt Brush, where the scene was created using all kinds of
brush strokes, I more and more started with importing (edited) photos and objects which I created
in programs like Oculus Medium or Photoshop or on my iPad Pro.
This scene, “World of Faces” is an example of virtual art where I try to combine everything into one
piece, thus obtaining a surrealistic, trippy environment, with influences from pop art, flower power,
science fiction added.

How do you see VR within the coming years?

Until now, if someone wants to get fully immersed in VR, you always need a powerful computer and
some expensive goggles.
With mobile phones and internet-speeds becoming more and more capable of handling complex
scenes, watching VR content will be more and more common for everyone, without the need of
expensive equipment.
I also think VR will be a game changer for all kinds of applications: medical, education, military,
Creating VR content, however, will still depend on powerful PC’s.

About 3dRudder

How did you learn about the 3dRudder?

I saw an advertisement on the internet showing the 3dRudder for gaming.

When you first heard about the 3dRudder, what did you think of it?

As I create large scenes in VR, moving through those scenes with the standard controllers always was
a pain in the ass.
I often hit my monitor screen or even my wife’s head while applying virtual brush strokes, so the *
3dRudder was the ideal option to fly through my scenes while sitting on my chair, and also offered
the possibility to create even large scenes and very long, endless brush-strokes.

Why did you decide to integrate it into your VR experience? What were your expectations?

As soon as I saw some reviews and movies about the Rudder on YouTube, I decided I’d buy it to use
it for my VR art. I ordered it in June 2018.

How would you describe the 3dRudder?

For VR artists like me, this is one of the best pieces of hardware add on I can imagine. Creating
extremely large scenes and recording them smoothly afterwards using the build-in camera of the
sculpting software is almost impossible without a piece of hardware like this.

What impact/influence do you think the 3dRudder will have in the VR market?

Moving around (VR) scenes in games or sculpting programs like this can be very demanding to your
muscles and the measurements of the room you’re in.
Using the 3dRudder, which is small and cheap, will greatly help in getting the best experience.


Many thanks to Rein for answering our questions.


Please check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReinBijlsma


A video of the 3dRudder being used in Tilt Brush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywIZ1EWqE4k

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