2019 May 29

The story behind Space Junkies and the integration of the 3dRudder on PSVR and PC VR

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In the framework of the integration of the 3dRudder foot controller in Space Junkies, we met with Adrian Lacey, Producer. He confided for the first time in the 3dRudder team about its creation process and why he decided to support the motion controller.


Space Junkies has now released the 3dRudder patch for PSVR and PC VR!


For those who have no idea what Ubisoft is (really?), we’ll give you a quick recap. The well-established development studio was founded in 1986 by the five brothers Guillemot in Carentoir, France. But you can also refer to it as the third biggest independent game studio of the world!


The studio has since been dedicated to the creation of outstanding games and experiences for all platforms via more than forty studios and subsidiaries worldwide, among which Ubisoft Montpellier which created Space Junkies.

No kidding here, Space Junkies is THE FUNNIEST game of 2019. The concept is again quite addictive and positions itself in line with the quality work done by Ubisoft for years.

Space Junkies’ producer Adrian Lacey : “Virtual reality lets you fully immerse yourself in 3D worlds”


Adrian Lacey describes Space Junkies as “a jetpack fuelled multiplayer shooter in Micro Gravity”. The game, that was the first game made in VR by Ubisoft Montpellier, represents an ambitious first shot!

The team was actually very enthusiastic about creating something that was out of its comfort zone. As Adrian says himself: “VR adds a new dimension in the way people interact with virtual worlds” while enabling a fully immersive gaming experience.

Adrian keeps in mind that VR is in development and is surely about to evolve in the coming years. “Nowadays, we live in a three dimensional world yet everything we consume in terms of entertainment, from books to TV films and games, are in two dimensions. Virtual reality lets you interact and fully immerse yourself in 3D worlds.”



“The 3dRudder adds new navigation and interaction possibilities in Space Junkies”


“Our first contact with the 3dRudder team was in Montpellier, France. It was maybe one year ago. Our studio was close to theirs and I remember they came to give us a demo. From there, we decided to integrate the 3dRudder motion controller into our VR experience because it added new possibilities in terms of navigation and interaction in VR, as well as in our spherical battle spaces.

The 3dRudder team was very accommodating and helpful during the process of integration, they came for a couple hours and it was done. What we appreciate is that this is user-friendly and most importantly development-friendly!


How easy is it to play Space Junkies with the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR?


The 3dRudder is compatible with the PS Move Controllers as well as with the classic DualShock 4. The device, natively integrated by Ubisoft, enables you to move with more precision. You can thus experience a more natural gameplay in an incredibly rich and sharp environment.

Thanks to its free locomotion features, the device makes it easier to keep an eye on your enemy while moving around to escape, to dodge the hostile fire or to get closer.


Another great functionality enabled by the 3dRudder? You’ll be able to control your speed to move progressively on the map. The 3dRudder is a real game changer. You’ll be able to go exactly where you want to without thinking about your next move. It provides a more enjoyable gameplay for the players who can now fully focus on collecting the wins.


Of course, we couldn’t help but to ask the Ubisoft producer of what will be their next VR move. Although Adrian confirmed that they will continue to explore the evolving social and physical interactions enabled by VR, he was however not allowed to say more about the studio’s future projects. We’ll stay tuned then!


We hope that you liked this new patch as much as we did. On our part, we’ll continue to provide you with exclusive insight from game studios and keep you updated on the other compatible games!




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