2021 January 27

The Benefits of a Foot Mouse as a Dynamic Footrest

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A footrest is one of the key elements of an ergonomic office setup, whether you work from home or in office building. The 3dRudder Foot Mouse is the equivalent of a dynamic or smart footrest. As such it fosters several health benefits associated with the dumb versions of standard footrests, and some more that are specific to actively using your feet while seated at your desk, making it a smart choice for office workers.

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse as a footrest

Because your feet will rest on the 3dRudder Foot Mouse in a slightly elevated position, we got many user telling us it is the equivalent of a footrest, but a dynamic or smart one.

Footrests are important in office ergonomics for a variety of reasons, starting with helping you fight back pain.

Also, depending upon your height and more importantly the length of your legs, a footrest may help have your feet actually resting on something, and not just hanging there, barely touching the floor.

Now resting your feet on a footrest or on a 3dRudder Foot Mouse is the same, except that there are additional benefits associated with your feet being active.

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse enables active sitting

When seated for long hours at a desk, your lower body is desperately left motionless. The position may potentially cause blood circulation problems and back pain. Focused on your work, study or creation, you forget to get up, stretch, walk at regular intervals as recommend by medical professionals.

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse helps fight those predicaments by forcing you to adjust your sitting position. Your lower limbs are now involved without you consciously thinking about it. The blood circulation in your feet and legs gets micro-stimulated by each of the micro-movements you’re doing to move the cursor around, click, scroll.

As your feet are active and raised, you tend to sit with a straighter back, to hold yourself straight. This is particularly good news as back problems can really hurt your focus.

Also, the 3dRudder Foot Mouse is based on the equilibrium of the human body. Every action you take with your feet is naturally compensated by itself. there are no moving parts, no springs. You’re the counterforce, making using it extremely relaxing and effortless.

Lastly, choosing a dynamic footrest like the 3dRudder instead of a dumb classic one, won’t cost you much more and is plainly justified by its added health benefits.

More about the 3dRudder Foot Mouse here.

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