2018 May 4

Testimonial: Gamer Just One Hand tries the 3dRudder as a foot keyboard

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Just One Hand is a seasoned gamer who can play with his right hand only. His favorite games are Fortnite and Player Unknown Battleground, and well many more. He’s a passionate game after all!
A few days ago, 3dRudder enrolled Just One Hand in a testing program of its foot controller. He readily agreed to try the 3dRudder and share his invaluable feedback with uS all.

Part One: Acquaintance and 1st impressions of the 3dRudder

Q. What computer hardware do you have and why did you agree to test the 3dRudder foot controller?

I have quite a standard PC with a 980-graphic card and 16Go memory, running with Windows 10. I have a Razer Naga mouse and also an old keyboard but to play, I use a Steam controller because I can map it a lot of different ways, which in my case is very useful. I agreed to try the 3dRudder because I’m curious and, as a disabled gamer, if I can find better ways to play, that’s all good!

Q. You received your 3dRudder a few days ago: what were your first impressions?

The packaging is of good quality, neat and sober and the 3dRudder itself has a pretty fair design. There was no installation guide in the box but as all there is to do is type in a URL to install the 3dRudder software, it’s easy.

How would you describe 3dRudder’s software: the dashboard?

When you compare Steam controller’s mapping system with the 3dRudder Dashboard, it’s night and day. 3dRudder’s software is super-easy to use, there are lots of mapping possibilities, options and games configurations and the tutorial is well done. The only flaw is the demo which is very complicated whilst the 3dRudder is so intuitive.
3drudder dashboard super easy

Q. Now, can you tell us what test you did?

I used the 3dRudder as a foot keyboard. First thing I did go through the keyboard mode. I mapped my keys and I started playing but I lacked responsiveness and I didn’t feel comfortable. As I don’t give up that easily, I decided to dig deeper to find a better configuration.

Q. What did you do next?

For the 2nd test, I decided to try a configuration from the games’ list to see if I had better results. I picked the PUBG configuration from the dashboard and that’s how I discovered a very interesting feature: the double threshold which I believe is a kind of double entry system. From this point on, I took my time to customize my own configuration using the double threshold for each movement. And I tried playing Fortnite again. And that was a game changer.

Q. What happened?

The 3dRudder was very responsive and it felt natural. I was so enthusiastic I tried it with PUBG, then I switched to Battlerite and then to Darwin Project. And it was the same feeling.

Q. After this testing, what’s your overall opinion of the 3dRudder?

I like the 3dRudder. I can’t pretend I became a master overnight, but I realize it has lots of benefits. First, it’s very natural to move with your feet. As a gamer, you hardly use your legs, but after a while playing with the foot controller, your legs kind of remember they can move you and the habit comes back. Then, it’s as you state in on your website: using my feet for the movements keeps me focused on my right hand and the mouse: I used the mouse to shoot with a speed and accuracy I didn’t think I was capable of.

Q. Will you keep on testing the 3dRudder as a foot keyboard?

Definitely. Within a few hours, I became increasingly responsive and quick. My goal for the next days: to achieve a higher level of responsiveness with the 3dRudder than with the gamepad and be at least as precise with the mouse than with the gamepad. If I can replace my current controller with the 3dRudder, I will. The results already show on my scoretable!

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