2019 July 17

Don’t miss the release of Telefrag VR, now compatible with the 3dRudder on all platforms!

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Telefrag VR releases this Friday on PSVR and PC VR with the 3dRudder support!


No plans this weekend? Well then, you should give this brand new VR game a try.

Created by Anshar Studios, Telefrag VR is a multiplayer action shooter that takes place in an alternative universe where the Roman Empire reaches its highest peak and gladiatorial battles are raging. But forget about your History classes! In here, embody a supersonic gladiator equipped with some futuristic weapons. Follow your dreams and become the indisputable master of the arena!


The game is natively compatible at launch with the 3dRudder foot controller. This way, you can now use both your hands while stealthily sliding from left to right. A fully intuitive way of playing in VR!


Embody a fearless gladiator in Telefrag VR!


In this fast-paced, futuristic and highly competitive arena, you’d better bring your A-game! Use your speed, your intelligence and, eventually, Rocket Launchers and Flak Cannons, to inflict critical wounds to your enemies. Among the special attacks of this overheated shooter, the unique teleportation attack and the Plasma Rifle will be your best allies for sure. 


On top of its visceral combat mechanics, the game also offers a vertiginous environment, that you get to explore between two attacks. Each weapon you will handle also has two firing modes: find the best combination to take the advantage in one-one-one fights and to move up the ranking.


Oh, one more small detail: the intergalactic world does not include the concept of gravity!



Use the 3dRudder to move without restriction in the hectic atmosphere of Telefrag VR


As there is no “right side up”, opponents can come from absolutely any direction. That’s why you must be on your guard. The warriors you will face (a.k.a your best friends or players from the other side of the world) will pop up from the ceiling in a split second and break your armoury in two. In Telefrag VR, shows of force are commonplace.


But fortunately, the 3dRudder is also part of the show! Put your feet on its circular area to experience a 360° and free locomotion. You’ll see, it’s as easy as pie! Tilt it backward to retreat, and distance yourself from your enemies, and forward to engage in the battle.


The same way, you can tilt the 3dRudder left or right to move in this exact direction. And that’s all you have to know. Thanks to its analog sensors, the 3dRudder listens to every move you make with your feet!



The foot motion controller will be compatible on PSVR and PC VR at the game’s release!


Get ready, Telefrag VR will be out this Friday 19th July 2019 on the Playstation Store as well as on the Steam and the Oculus Stores.

On the PC VR version, the game AND the 3dRudder will be compatible both with Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive/Vive Pro. On PlayStation VR, no problem either. As the device has been natively integrated by Telefrag developers, you just need to plug it via USB cable.


Run, flip upside down, propel yourself towards other gladiators to break through their defence… Feel the power. Once you start playing, there is no turning back: enjoy full freedom of movement in the electric atmosphere of the Ancient Kingdom.


Are you ready to telefrag your enemies into oblivion?

To buy the 3dRudder, click here!



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