The Principle

Following your stroke, you are certainly in the hands of physiotherapists, physical therapists or occupational therapists that work with you on recovering through regular sessions, using all sorts of low-tech/high-tech tools and equipments. But once on your own, at home, continuing to practice exercises that involves your feet, your hands or both, is key to your recovery. Gaming makes practicing at home easier to engage into, and more fun and enjoyable.

The principle behind the 3dRudder foot controller as a stroke rehabilitation technology, is to have you play video games, using your favorite gaming environment or the one you just happen to have at home, but not just with your hands but also with your feet. Using them with the 3dRudder is surprising and unconventional, but it is effective in creating new pathways for motion in your brain as it draws on the same use of equilibrium as walking. It also helps stimulate blood flow in your lower limbs, even if you happen to be unable to stand.

We’re not telling you which game to play as it is very much a matter of personal taste (and gaming platform). However, we recommend you start with exploration games that let you go at your own pace, before moving to more speedy games like FPS or car racing. Gamers in your family will surely be happy to give you some advice. Next are a few ideas depending upon the gaming system you have access to.

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The 3dRudder as a
PC Gaming Controller

You can use the 3dRudder to play most PC-based games.

With exploration games and experience, you can move at your own pace. The Assassin’s Creed: Origins Discovery Tour by Ubisoft is a great place to start. Purely educational, the mode is a virtual museum with guided tours and historical sites to discover.

Next, a surf and ski game like Steep (also from Ubisoft), shown in the video below, can provide you with great sensations.

Talk with gamers around you and pick games you think you’ll most enjoy. Also, a game like Steep is great because it has a social dimension you may be interested in.

More details here on how to use the 3dRudder in PC Gaming.

The 3dRudder works with
the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

If you’re a Xbox gamer, the 3dRudder is natively supported by the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC).

By plugin the 3dRudder into the side of the XAC, you can use it as 2 of the axes of the Xbox gamepad sticks.

For example, you can play Forza with the feet as shown in the video below.

More details here on how to use the 3dRudder with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The 3dRudder as a
Foot Motion Controller for VR

Virtual reality (VR) is definitely a very powerful tool to help you overcome your limitations and very likely increase your speed of recovery.

The 3dRudder is a unique solution to move in VR games with your feet while securely and comfortably seated.

There are all sorts of games and experiences like Nature Treks in the video below, that lets you explore at your own speed relaxing environment like the savanna. As for PC games, ask your relatives for their advice, starting by games you can play at your own pace, and then moving to more competitive ones.

The 3dRudder works with PC VR headsets and the link cable of the Oculus Quest. There is also a 3dRudder for PlayStation.

More details here on the 3dRudder for PC VR and here on the 3dRudder for the PlayStation VR.

The Benefits of Gaming For Stroke Survivors

Clinical trials have shown that motion-orientated video games are effective and fun tools to rehabilitate stroke survivors.

The strategy is for you to play various games that will all trigger different actions. A fun part is to discuss the choice of games with your relatives or friends.
It’s important to switch games from time to time to confront your brain with alternative environments and force it to develop new pathways.

Another great benefit from gaming is its social dimension. In addition to the physical involvement, you’ll be able to play and socialize online. That also can be great to boost your mood and help you improve.

And if you’re a former gamer and, beyond the rehabilitation part, want to play again like you used to, we have a the One-Foot System to let you play with just one side of your body.

How the 3dRudder Works

The 3dRudder is based on the human body natural equilibrium. By forcing your weaker leg/foot to balance your stronger leg/foot in a gaming context, you’ll naturally and seamlessly stimulate your brain to rebuild alternative pathways to the ones your stroke shattered.

The 3dRudder is an analog device, meaning the more you tilt, the faster you’ll move in the game or the experience. This translate into working on fine control schemes while you play.

The 3dRudder lets you execute various movements with your feet along its 4 axes, as shown in the 4 videos below. Those axes can all be combined together.

Gaming makes the exercises more fun and enjoyable, contributing to a more engaged and rewarding experience for the user.

Micro-stimulation of the blood flow in the lower limbs with the 3dRudder

Even if someone no longer can stand on her/his legs, she/he may still have the use of her/his feet.

The micro mouvements necessary to use the 3dRudder and move in a virtual environment, on a standard screen or in VR, are great to stimulate the blood flow in the lower limbs.

What You Need

To use the 3dRudder with a PC (PC Gaming and PC VR) or with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, you need:
* A 3dRudder foot controller for PC
* A pair of 3dRudder foot bars for added grip
(to be installed by someone with 2 valid hands)

To use the 3dRudder with a PlayStation, you need:
* A 3dRudder for PlayStation
(foot bars included and easy to install)

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A Word to Healthcare Professionals

Our devices are used as assistive technologies by some large institutions’ occupational therapy departments. They offer many therapeutic opportunities to work on balance, weight bearing, and motor control. They are very easy to integrate.

To buy our device, the 3dRudder Pro Wireless, for a professional use, please visit our business website,

Please note the 3dRudder Pro Wireless can also be used with an Oculus Quest without a PC. However, for the time being, only a handful of games are available that support the 3dRudder.