2019 July 2

Storytime: behind the scenes of Scraper: First Strike and the integration of the 3dRudder!

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Grab your headset, Scraper: First Strike is out now with the 3dRudder support!



Here’s some news that will excite PSVR players: Scraper: First Strike is finally out AND available with the 3dRudder support! To celebrate this occasion, we chatted with Labrodex, the video game studio of Scraper: First Strike, and went behind the scenes with Jim R. Ivon, the studio’s CEO and Producer. Keep reading to discover exclusive details about the game’s development and how the integration of the 3dRudder foot controller uses its unique VR technology to enable players to have the best possible gaming experience!




Discover Labrodex’s hard work behind Scraper, the ultimate sci-fi adventure on PSVR and PC VR!


Labrodex Studios is an entertainment and Enterprise software creation firm—on the team, you will only find gamers! From AAA consultants to industry veterans passing by extremely bright and talented young professionals, this team of diverse employees works together to offer quality gaming titles on top of devising augmented reality and VR enterprise solutions for their corporate clients.


Scraper: First Strike was born out of a desire to create a rich sci-fi RPG enhanced by VR technology. And by rich, we mean RICH! Featuring exploration elements, engineering, engaging missions, and great boss fights, the team up ties all these wonderful features together with an engaging futuristic story. We found the final result astonishing in terms of plot development as well as graphics quality. Want to learn more about Scraper: First Strike? We advise you to read our previous article on the subject here.



Scraper: from Ryder Windham’s novel to a fully developed hit for VR players


While the video game was created by Jim R. Ivon, its riveting story was largely inspired by someone else. The world of Scraper originated from the mind of Ryder Windham, author of a prequel novel which Scraper’s plot is based off of as well as approximately 60 Star Wars books! Fortunately, the novel ends right where the game begins so even if you’ve already read Windham’s novel, Scraper is a brand new adventure to discover for all! The game’s developers also took the additional step of including a free electronic version of the novel in-game if you are the bookish type.


The idea of creating a game like Scraper originated in Jim’s mind many years ago. This inspiration evolved into a 3-game story with each game featuring 5 episodes. The team, who spent one and a half years developing the PC VR and PSVR editions, is composed of a dozen people in the main studio and another ten or so people around the country as well as with additional support for art, programming and other needs. From the outside, they look like a big family project—it’s quite refreshing to see such a tight team getting a kick out at producing games together.




“The 3dRudder foot motion controller is a fantastic addition to any PSVR setup!”


In order to integrate the 3dRudder foot motion controller into the game, the team had to first test the device. Fortunately for us, they instantly took a liking to the idea of integrating our VR technology into their game! In principle, the development team considers anything they can do to add great customization to a game. They thus decided to natively integrate the 3dRudder controller as it was an opportunity to appeal to gamers’ numerous gameplay preferences. As further confirmed by the developers of Scraper, the device gives gamers an alternate way to play where they have more freedom with their hands to focus on weapon and enemy management. Such a feature has long-awaited in the VR industry and community, especially amongst PSVR players.


According to Jim, “We thought it was a really cool idea. The foot controller addresses a sincere need for movement in VR and because they made the 3dRudder so easy to integrate, it was an easy choice. We were excited knowing we just added a fantastic new feature to Scraper, it’s a great way to separate movement from game related controls and spread them out among different devices. A fantastic addition to any PSVR setup.”


After Scraper: First Strike, Labrodex announces new projects to come in virtual reality!


Jim R. Ivon also confirmed that Labrodex will be working on VR more titles in the future: “We’re in the very early stages of virtual reality and it’s only going to grow from here. We’re working on two additional titles at the moment. One is Humans101 in VR and the other is a Scraper spinoff. We’re also working on a VR Safety Lab for our enterprise division and other AR related projects. We have a few bigger non-VR projects in the works as well.”


When speaking about the future of virtual reality, Jim can’t help but show his excitement. He points out that the era of high resolution, wide field of view, and wireless high-fidelity experiences is fast approaching and that there are already some amazing VR titles out there. “We can’t believe what other studios have put together.  It’s incredibly inspirational.”


Personally, we can’t wait to see where this inspiration is going to lead Labrodex in the coming years.


Are you an experienced PSVR player? If so, you deserve the right to enjoy smoother and more precise motion controls. Purchase a 3dRudder foot motion controller and join the growing family of satisfied gamers today!

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