2020 November 9

Stinkyboard vs 3dRudder

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We get many requests from Stinkyboard users who need to replace their units after several years of great service and ask how different the 3dRudder is and what they’ll be able to achieve with it.

The 3 fundamental differences between the two devices are:

– The 3dRudder can be used for more than keyboard keys mapping at the feet. It can be used as a joystick and even a mouse (for accessibility). It’s also a motion controller for PC VR.

– The 3dRudder has 8 half-axes (or 4 full axes), enabling you to map up to 16 keys or combination of keys at the feet (more below).

– The 3dRudder is an analog device, meaning you can control your speed by tilting the board more or less. The more you tilt, the faster you’ll go in the game.

In addition, the 3dRudder for PC can be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. And there is a dedicated version of the 3dRudder for the PlayStation
Finally, some games natively support the 3dRudder, such as Fortnite.


2 keys or combination of keys per half-axis
The Stinkyboard has 4 buttons to which a key can be assigned.
The 3dRudder lets you map up to 2 keys or combination of keys per half-axis. As there are 8 half axes, you can map up to 16 keys. This is particularly convenient when a key is altered by the addition of another key: For example, you can map W (= walk) and Shift+W (= run) to the forward axis. If you tilt a little, you activate the W key. If you tilt more, you active Shift+W.


2 additional axes
In addition to forward/backward and left/right strafe, the 3dRudder offers 2 additional axes:
– Rotation or left/right turn,
– Up/down.
Obviously you can map to those axes any keys that make sense to you. For example, the rotation is used for switching weapons in Fortnite native support.

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