2016 January 11

Star Wars wearables, robots and rocket-skateboards: Toys CES 2016

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Star Wars wearables, robots and rocket-skateboards: These are the top toys we want from CES 2016

Christmas may be over, but that didn’t stop toys taking centre stage at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Alongside nifty future tech from Intel and the like, the Las Vegas showroom floor was littered with all manner of gadgets for kids and big kids alike.

These ranged from next generation build your own robotics kits, to motorised skateboards and futuristic console controllers.

The sheer variety and volume of toys has made it difficult for even the most avid of readers to keep track of what’s been announced this CES. Here to help you we’ve created a definitive list, chronicling the best toys to arrive at CES 2016.

We here at TrustedReviews have never made a secret about our love of all things virtual reality (VR). The tech oozes potential and headsets like the Occlus Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens will undoubtedly change the way we play games and interact with machines.

The only issue we’ve ever had with VR headsets is that the rapid turns in games and slightly disjointed environments of many current VR demos can make us feel a little queasy and nauseous.

Which is why we’re super excited about the third party 3DRudder VR controller. 3DRudder aims to let you play virtual reality sitting down using your feet. The controller’s compatible with most recent AMD and Intel powered computers and is confirmed to work with a variety of different VR headsets.

While this may sound weird, we found the motion controls worked a treat and by letting us play games sitting down, we were able to traverse a demo virtual world nausea free using 3DRudder. This makes 3DRudder an ideal companion for any virtual gamer looking to invest in a VR headset later this year.

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