2019 April 24

Scraper: embark on a surreal warfare with the 3dRudder!

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Write this down: Scraper is coming to Playstation VR!



We are delighted to announce that another impressive FPS game is soon to be added to the list of the PSVR games compatible with the 3dRudder! Created by the developers at Labrodex Studios, Scraper: First Strike has every ingredient to be a “must-have” on Playstation VR.


With your headset on, embark on a sci-fi adventure set among the skyscrapers of the megacity of New Austin, and stop Cifer, the most advanced AI robot on the planet, whose thirst for power endangers the entire human race.


Inspired by the book Scraper: Rise of Cypher written by Ryder Whindam, Scraper tells the story of Casey Maxwell, a member of the Human Resistance Forces trained to pilot a new mech-suit prototype. His mission? Take back Reactor Building 3 from Cifer’s forces floor by floor, restore vital infrastructure to the hobbled H.R.F. forces, and reclaim New Austin for the human race. In other words: fight robots and save the world!

Scraper is more than your basic VR action game



Scraper is not only for action fans. Since the game expands upon a novel, and also incorporates many elements of traditional role-playing games, we can expect a fully-developed story in a well-established setting, with great twists and turns to come. We also had the pleasure to experience the graphics that, we assure you, are just as good as advertised.


With 360-degree locomotion, large levels to explore and persistent gameplay, Scraper: First Strike is a deep, rich and full-featured RPG title for PS VR. – Playstation Blog


“New Austin was more than a refuge from the wastelands of a world ravaged by wars, disasters and disease. It was the perfect city, a SCRAPER megacity, with robots that provided for every need…” is the game’s introduction given by the studio’s website. We can only imagine how everything got out of hand. But what we know for sure is that the world of Scraper promises us some nice surprises.


Among them, know that your character’s gear and weapons are customisable! Modify your weapons, craft updates for your Modified Hoover Pod and reverse-engineer enemy weapons into powerful new abilities. Each upgrade helps you emerge victorious against dangerous squads of enemies and hulking boss units.




Try Scraper VR with the 3dRudder on PSVR!



For our greatest pleasure, the game also incorporates a control scheme that fully harnesses the potential of your PS Move controllersPS Move controllers. From annihilating freaky robotic spiders to repairing vital machinery, the gameplay offers a large array of possible actions.


Deactivate robots with your electromagnetic pulse, melt them down with your plasma minigun, and use your Pod’s boost functions to evade attacks. And with the 3dRudder, you’ll soon be able to mix action and free motion naturally!


In case you are still wondering what the 3dRudder does, here is a quick recap! This upcoming Playstation VR peripheral will allow players to move in all directions and rotate up to 360° without even thinking about it. Every VR player can agree that freedom of movement is a real game-changer. Your PS Move controllers are thus fully dedicated to firing, pulling things and managing your ship’s dashboard.


At the beginning of the game, you’ll complete a short training session. You’ll first learn how to use your weapons—that is to say two machine guns, a gigantic laser and your EMP—with your PS Move controllers. On the other side, the 3dRudder helps you target the enemies. With a simple rotation of your feet you can either retreat to reload or close the gap with the enemy.


Just like in real life, use your feet to move all directions and rotate! Strafe to the left, to the right, forward or backward to lead the way. Moreover, a specific menu on your dashboard enables you to change the rotation speed and the maximum speed of your 3dRudder. But the best way to understand how easy it the 3dRudder is to use is try it!


Get the 3dRudder now, which is available here in pre-order, and stay tuned for the upcoming games releases!


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