2019 March 5

Sairento on PSVR: enjoy free locomotion with the 3dRudder

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When this article was first published on March 5, we stated that the 3dRudder would be the only controller to offer full freedom of movement in Sairento VR on PSVR, which was the information we had at the moment and we were truthful with the publication. Since that, the game studio informed us that they will be providing Skyrim style movement (move by holding down a button), coupled with options to walk in the direction you are looking or the direction of the controller. This article was modified consequently on March 11, 2019.

Sairento is a first-person ninja-based wave shooter that offers you various ways to destroy enemies with style. Using shurikens, bows, blades, all kinds of firearms while performing incredible jumps mixed with bullet time will leave you begging for more. Thanks to its rich gameplay possibilities, the game is extremely fun and addictive. What’s more, it will immerge you in a science-fiction Japanese universe in which you will have to deal with Mecha Sumos, Samurais and Geishas!

Gameplay of Sairento is very fast-paced. You can namely perform series of high jumps (including wall jumps) while shooting your opponents, which feels extremely fun as you can literally reproduce Kill Bill, Matrix or Machete scenes! And all of that with bullet time! Yes, sir!

Sairento PSVR with 3dRudder

When it comes to locomotion on PSVR, the 3dRudder will grant you full freedom of movement. With the foot controller, you’ll be able to move freely and go wherever you want to. You’ll love the superpowers the motion controller gives you like dodging projectiles, strafing while shooting with one hand and cutting your enemies in halves with the other hand. Here is how Mixed Realms, the studio behind Sairento, explains how it feels to play Sairento on PlayStation VR with the 3dRudder:

Playing Sairento with the 3dRudder is a bit like being the Green Goblin with swords and guns. It provides a different kind of gameplay experience overall. It feels like being a ninja on an hoverboard

If you want to play Sairento on PSVR and you don’t have a 3dRudder, you’ll have to use Skyrim style movement. As the developers at Mixed Realms explain in a Reddit thread:

we have provided locomotion similar to Skyrim where you hold a button down to move, coupled with setting your view or the controller direction as your direction.

When you play with a 3dRudder, besides offering a highly efficient way to move in Sairento, it makes motion controls very much intuitive (you just need to tilt the device with your feet the way you want to go to). Let’s make it clear though: the PlayStation Move controllers are mandatory to fully enjoy the game because they trigger jumps, which are particularly important in Sairento VR. And when it comes to moving like a Ninja, the combination 3dRudder + PS Move proves just perfect. For example, pressing the Move button will let you jump (don’t be shy here, with some training you’ll be able to jump real high) and spinning the 3dRudder will make you rotate in mid-air like a genuine Ninja.

This feels great! The 3dRudder definitely expands immersion and revolutionizes gameplay in the game. Sairento is definitely one of the games that takes most advantage of the foot-powered motion controller on PlayStation VR. We are confident that after playing with the 3dRudder for a while, it will be very difficult to go back to playing Sairento without it!

Speed, sensitivity and deadzone for each movement of the 3dRudder can be set up directly in the options menu of the game. Do not hesitate to check your parameters in the dojo before starting a mission to make sure the settings fit your game style.

Sairento is one of the best-selling title on Steam and is very much awaited on PSVR. It is expected for release early May 2019.

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