2019 February 7

Reviews: what the press says about the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR in January 2019

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When we announced the upcoming launch of the 3dRudder foot controller for PlayStation VR in January, it created quite a stir in the media community. We were at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and journalists from all around the world dropped by our booth to have a unique chance of trying the new motion controller on PlayStation VR before everybody else. We selected a few articles to give you a taste of their reviews of the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR.

3dRudder: a very much awaited motion controller for PlayStation VR

The announcement of a new & officially licensed controller for PlayStation VR was quite a piece of news in itself. The PlayStation VR system is by far the most mainstream virtual reality technology so far; but with one criticism revolving about the lack of a satisfying motion solution, the introduction of a dedicated motion controller for the PlayStation VR inspired numerous articles.

Android Central: 3dRudder for PlayStation VR adds a unique new layer of immersion

3Rudder for PlayStation VR adds a unique new layer of immersion. This gets you one step closer to a better motion experience in VR

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Respawning: PSVR Gets Its First Officially Licensed Foot Controller

PSVR Gets Its First Officially Licensed Foot Controller. The VR heads at Respawning are certainly hyped for this one!

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Vrroom: 3dRudder Foot Motion Is Changing The VR Game

3dRudder Foot Motion Is Changing The VR Game

A new, unfathomable PlayStation VR experience: full motion control at your feet, hands free for action.

Read entire article on vrroom.buzz dated Jan. 06 and other article dated Jan. 15

Reviews of the 3dRudder for Playstation VR

Among the journalists who had the opportunity to play on PlayStation VR with the 3dRudder, we wanted to share a few reviews to give you a hint of what the 3dRudder will bring to the PlayStation.

Tech Radar: Control PSVR with your feet with the 3DRudder motion controller

The 3DRudder for PS4 is a plug and play device – no set up is needed, you simply pop it into a USB port on your console and start playing. Twist your feet to turn in game, lean left or right to strafe, and tilt the disc forwards or backwards and you’ll move in either direction. From a quick play with the system at CES Unveiled, it proved very intuitive indeed.

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UploadVR: CES 2019 3drudder PSVR impressions

At my demo I tried both the PSVR port of The Wizards and Sairento. We’ve seen The Wizards on PSVR before and it played fine, but using the Move controllers for smooth movement was clunky and similar to Skyrim. Now with a 3dRudder I can focus on movement with my feet, just like I’d do in real life, and use my hands with the Move controllers. Since I don’t need to point my hand to move around this means I can do things like shoot a magical bow while strafing and back pedaling or moving around the game world while still throwing fireballs and holding up magic shields. In this way, it actually improves, enhances, and expands gameplay for PSVR.

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WCCFTech: CES 2019 Hands-On with the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR: Full Locomotion for Your Feet

Even with no direction on how to use the 3dRudder, my body intuitively knew how to move. Tilting my toes downward moves the character forward, rocking on my heels activates reverse, leaning to either side for strafing, and rotating the 3dRudder turns my character in either direction. With the action of moving around in the virtual arena dedicated to my feet, I was able to focus more on the shooting and reloading in each hand and less on having to juggle movement and aiming on the same hand.

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Digital Trends: 3drudder’s PSVR controller is virtual freedom in your seat using your feet

The obvious benefit of the controller is that movement is mostly hands-free. During our demo, we played an unreleased game called The Wizards, due out on PlayStation VR sometime in February, and movement was mostly handled using the 3dRudder foot motion controller. Jumps and long-distance leaps, though, were completed with teleportation, a mechanic frequently seen in many VR games. The two complimented each other well. 3drudder’s PSVR controller is virtual freedom in your seat using your feet. It could easily become a staple to mainstream consumer VR.

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