2019 June 11

Reviews of the 3dRudder foot controller for PlayStation VR: players say it best!

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Today, we would like to highlight the work of all the passionate players and media who tested the 3dRudder foot motion controller. They have not been remunerated. Yet, they took a bit of their time to try the foot motion controller and made great reviews on how the device changed their gameplay for the better. Today, we want to thank them back for trusting us and put THEM under the spotlight!

This article is dedicated to their videos and personal opinions on the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR. It’s also a great opportunity to discover an inner perspective of some of the PlayStation VR greatest compatible games. Let’s get started!




Shugghead and us have two things in common: a passion for games and a great sense of humour (most of the time)! With him, be ready to discover every week a detailed video focusing on the best VR games and well-conducted reviews on hardware and innovations, mostly on PlayStation VR. After testing the device, Shugghead decided that he will become a huge advocate for the 3dRudder, and we can’t thank him enough for it! “How does it actually feel when you use it in the game?” The answer is in the video below!



Our next advocate is Sebastian Ang! This American gamer hosts an amazing Youtube channel that focuses on the latest developments related to virtual reality. Passionate about VR games, he provides deep reviews and exclusive stories to his subscribers. Plus, he literally has a cheerful face all the time. During one of his documentaries, he happened to meet our Exective VP Sales Christophe Dissaux at the CES in Las Vegas, USA. Watch him try the 3dRudder foot motion controller for the first time at 4.00min! His verdict: “this has been amazing!”




GamerTag knows everything about the VR gaming industry! Via his Youtube channel, where he details his own gaming experiences, he decided to live test 5 games that are already compatible with the 3dRudder and available on the PlayStation Store. This video is really useful to discover how the 3dRudder has been integrated by game studios’ developers. The comments below should also give you a nice overview of what the device can do for you!




VR Focus is a well-known independent media among the VR community. Thanks to its accurate and in-depth reviews on absolutely EVERYTHING related to virtual reality, it has kind of become the reference among the VR community. The media company covers various subjects, from games and peripherals to new technology events. The website is a comprehensive source of information for gamers and we’re grateful that they kept following our progression in the gaming industry. Now it’s time to return the favor!


With a flat top for your feet and a curved bottom, the 3dRudder can perform any number of actions. If you’ve ever used sports equipment like a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard, some of the actions will seem very natural and familiar.


The purpose of its design is to solve several problems in VR related to movement. Firstly there’s nausea. VR users usually have to revert to teleportation options and snap rotation in video games that require a lot of wandering around. 3dRudder helps to solve this, as you are telling your feet to move in a certain direction even without walking.


Secondly, because 3dRudder has to be used seated, it allows movement in much more confined areas – great for those that don’t have room-scale space. This is especially pertinent when it comes to PlayStation VR, as the whole system – and most of the video games – are designed around a seated experience.




VR Singe Rhétorik is a player based in the South of France. He regularly provides his community with funny gaming reviews (that he calls “DiscoVR”) exclusively on PlayStation VR games. In the following video, he tested The Wizards – Enhanced Edition. He particularly appreciated the easiness with which he was able to shoot and step back at the same time (16.00min). Unless you are a Frenchy, don’t forget to activate the subtitles!


This guy describes himself as a “hardcore gamer” and that was enough to trigger our interest. Result? You should definitely watch him play the multiplayer shooter Honor and Duty: D-Day with the 3dRudder. You can either watch the full video, which is a bit long but truly entertaining, or start at 6.50min for a special focus on the device.


Polish Paul VR a.k.a Your. PSVR dude (you can already tell this guy is friendly) is a VR player based in the UK. He records some really good reviews, gameplay, walktlhoughs and more on PSVR games and hardware. For example, he did this perfect review on 17 games that are already compatible with the 3dRudder. Discover below what are the in-game advantages of having a foot motion controller!




We present you VR4Player : one of the most famous French independent media creator regarding virtual reality. These guys are real specialists! Their Youtube channel covers all the news involving the best PSVR game releases and hardware. After testing the 3dRudder foot controller, they decided to make a full video on the 3dRudder. The video, which you can discover here (again, don’t forget to put on subtitles!), presents the product with an exclusive insight from the 3dRudder team. Their opinion on the 3dRudder:


“If you move with your feet, you finally no longer need directional wheels on your PS Move and that’s good, because we don’t have any! We can even say that it seems even more ergonomic. We use our feet to move and our hands to grasp elements in the virtual world.”


Again : if you haven’t already, TRY IT! You’ll understand how much the device offers a natural (and logic) way of playing in VR.




We are ending this article with VR Grid: another cool dude whose daily duty is to keep you informed on everything related to VR.  Plus? He sometimes offers giveaways! In this review, he shows us what it’s like to play with the 3dRudder in the multiplayer space battle arena Space Junkies. Action starts at 3.20min!


As we said, players say it best! We hope that you liked this article and that it gave you a precise idea of the functionalities of the 3dRudder foot motion controller from the players’ view. We strongly advise you to follow each one of these guys on their channels as they are the reason why the VR community exists and keeps growing every day.



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