2018 April 20

Review: the 3dRudder is a comprehensive foot controller for accessible gaming

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My name is David Combarieu and I manufacture controllers for disabled gamers.
I started the project when my son got involved in an accident that left him partially quadriplegic. He was a PlayStation 4 player and I decided to customize a gamepad for him so that he could keep on playing.
Soon, other people heard about it and asked me to do one for them.

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I met 3dRudder at a gaming event and they introduced me to their foot controller, explaining how it could emulate a foot keyboard, a foot mouse, or a combination of both, as well as a foot joystick. Each gamer I meet suffers from specific upper body impairment: some players can use only one hand, or some fingers only, some only their elbows, which requires manufacturing a specific hand controller for each one. That’s why I believe the 3dRudder, because it is foot operated, is a very appealing accessible gaming controller that will meet the needs of a lot of disabled gamers.
WoW 3drudder controls

I can imagine a gamer playing with one hand on a keyboard and his feet on the 3dRudder getting better control in the games or using it as a foot joystick when using a hand joystick is not possible. With all the modes available, you can really play a lot of PC games with the 3dRudder.

Another strength of this foot controller is the possibility to customize its settings. I have 2 examples: First one is, in the keyboard mode, you decide on the keys you want the 3dRudder to trigger. The first time, it takes some thinking to decide what gesture you want to associate with what key and to enter the parameters, but once you get used to it, it’s very easy.

Second example is about the threshold. The 3dRudder lets you adjust the range of motion it takes to trigger action, either a small movement or a wide one. That possibility makes me think that the 3dRudder could also be accessible to gamers suffering from partial lower body impairment.

Personally, I made various tests, and, among other things, I tried the 3dRudder with a racing game and I found the controls were very intuitive to drive forward and turn.

My conclusion: the 3dRudder is a multi-task accessible computer controller, which allows a high level of customization and covers enough configurations for PC games to satisfy a large number of disabled gamers.

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David Combarieu is the founder of Handigamer, a company that provides customized controllers to disabled gamers with the ambition to improve computer and gaming accessibility for all.

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