September 10, 2019

Recap: which PlayStation VR games are compatible with the 3dRudder foot motion controller?

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As the list of the PSVR games now or soon compatible with the 3dRudder foot motion controller for PlayStation VR keeps expanding, we thought it would be useful to do a quick recap!

“Which games can I actually play with the 3dRudder foot motion controller?” You’ll find in this list the games that already support the 3dRudder, those that are about to integrate it and some of the upcoming PSVR games that will support the 3dRudder at their release!






    Are you ready to go on a crusade and save the world from a Lord called Adaroth? Then welcome in Shadow Legend, a medieval RPG where you incarnate the Grand Master of Knights Templar. Use your weapons and your magic powers to defeat your enemies, speak with your own voice to virtual characters and take your time to explore the vivid, fully developed environment of the game. Now, the world’s destiny rests on your shoulders!


Have you ever wanted to become a ninja, like a real ninja? Fight enemies with your sword and run on the walls? Well, Sairento VR gives you this and more, we can’t wait to try out the experience! The fact that this game is in VR really adds up: with locomotion possibilities one could only dream of, you’ll soon feel like the most powerful cyber ninja on the planet!
Sairento 3dRudder PSVR Playstation VR



Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is a mech-game that will put you in the shoes of « cyberpilot », a French resistant who has the ability to hack the most powerful Nazi killing machines.
Take control of these steel monsters and turn them against their builders to free Paris from Nazi scum. You can take control of 3 different mechs with specific possibilities for each of them.
The 3dRudder will boost the experience and make gameplay way more comfortable and will truly enhance immersion, with different gameplay mechanics for each Nazi mech that you will pilot.
Wolfenstein PlayStation VR and PC VR



Witching Tower is a fantasy adventure and puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours. Get ready to fight dead creatures and to escape from the grip of the Tower’s Queen. The game, that gathers impressive visuals as well as a good variety of weapons (blades, lassos and bows) and magic tricks, is definitely a must-have if you like heroic-fantasy. With the 3dRudder, explore the secret rooms of the Tower while your hands are dedicated to killing the monsters, casting spells and resolving the hardest riddles. Full freedom of movement: here is your best ally to save the world from darkness.
Witching Towers VR 3dRudder PCVR PSVR



Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher is an exciting first person shooter exclusively on PSVR. Put yourself in the shoes of Tyre, a former special forces soldier investigating on his mother’s obscure death on the Island of Yingzhou, China. With a range of 15 weapons, embark on this extremely disturbing adventure in VR and fight your way through hostile monsters and mercenaries to resolve the mysteries of the island.
Immortal Legacy PSVR 3dRudder



The Mage’s Tale is a Role Playing Game developed by InXile Entertainment. Praised by the VR community for its impressive graphics, its satisfying story and its well-thought gameplay, let’s just say that The Mage’s Tale appears among the VR games you should definitively try. Put yourself in the shoes of a wizard: explore dungeons, create spells, fight hideous monsters and resolve the various riddles on your way to fulfill your mission!



Developed by Ubisoft, Space Junkies is the very good news of the year for PSVR gamers. Extremely fun and fully developed in terms of graphics, the goal in this multi-player shooter is to fight your enemies in one of the six different orbital arenas. Use a wide range of attack and defence weapons such as a slingshots, pistols, shields, lasers and submachine guns to mop the floor with your opponents!



Inspired by the book Scraper: Rise of the Cypher written by Ryder Whindam, Scraper tells the story of Casey Maxwell, a Modified Hover Pod pilot and member of the Human Resistance Forces. His mission will be to restore a secret military base, force the defaulting robots out of the megacity and reclaim what belongs to the human race. In other words, here is another opportunity to save the humanity!
3drudder Scraper Playstation VR



Created by Anshar Studios, Telefrag VR is a multiplayer shooter set up in the Roman Empire. But forget your History class! In here, you incarnate a supersonic, over-equipped gladiator whose biggest dream is to become the indisputable master of the arena.



When you play Beat Blaster just once, you’ll get hooked to its frenetic rhythm and challenging gameplay of avoiding obstacles surging from nowhere, before you’ll realize you’ve been playing for more than an hour. Obviously inspired by old-school arcade games with its disco-flashy colors, Beat Blaster VR is what we call an highly addictive VR game.



“Is death without legacy something to be feared? Do we choose our own destiny, or is it chosen for us?” Here are the questions you’re about to answer in Xing: The Land Beyond! Magical, atmospheric: the world of Xing opens its gates to a first person puzzle-adventure where you’re about to discover the oldest question of the history of humanity: what’s after life!



Red Matter is an atmospheric puzzle game that takes you to a mysterious, Sci-Fi adventure on the Saturn’s moon.The environment, inspired by the USSR, conveys a strange atmosphere that looks just like if you were in the middle of the Cold War. Speaking of graphics, they are truly breathtaking!  You’ll feel fully immersed in every location while you explore your surroundings and solve a bunch of complex puzzles.
Red Matter PSVR Playstation VR 3dRudder



Spawn and combine shapes, colors, and freehand painting to sync them seamlessly into the background music. You don’t need to be an experienced artist or musician to make cool stuff, but you can just create and let the game elevate it! Each shape and color emits a different sound, which will sync with the background song that the player chooses. Having no rules allows you to do whatever you want to. Fly around spawning shapes or create a tree in the colors of a rainbow!



Imagine being a little boy enjoying your holidays with your family in a isolated house in the mountains. As three freaky intruders break into your home and kidnap everyone except you, you are now left alone in this big house. These guys are still there but they’re not aware of your presence. You thus have to hide and find a solution to save everyone!



Created by Ivanovitch Studios, Operation Warcade will make you relive the glory times of arcade games. Sit down in front of your arcade machine equipped with your Uzi submachine gun: you are on your way to experience an explosive warfare in virtual reality!



This one is neither a shooter nor a RPG. In Mind Labyrinth, you’ll learn how to relax while discovering the multiple worlds the game has to offer. As the explicit title shows, each world is in fact a labyrinth that you’ll have to explore. Immerse yourself in splendid environments, from snowy forests to  Japanese style houses and cosy caves to find your way out.

Mind Labyrinth PSVR PS4 3dRudder



The Wizards is a great game for the heroic-fantasy fans! Its main highlight is, unsurprisingly, the universe and its rules. In order to cast different spells, use your PS Move Controllers, literally moving them all around you in order to create a bow or a fireball. It’s as fun as it sounds!

  • The-Wizards PSVR 3dRudder Playstation VR


    Honor and Duty: D-Day is the new opus to the Honor & Duty franchise! With 4 maps available in the initial release, this shooter game is both captivating & fun and hugely praised by the VR community for its gameplay, in comparison with the other renowned games of the genre.
    Honor and Duty: D-Day 3dRudder PSVR Playstation VR



    In Bow to Blood, you’ll sail across the sky and compete to become champion of The Arena as the captain of a majestic airship. Steer your airship across wide arenas armed with cannons, pistols or crafty unmanned drones, and  take command of a crew to achieve the highest score…or be voted off the race!
    BowToBlood 3dRudder PSVR Playstation VR



    Ultrawings is an open-world game in which you can explore different islands and complete objectives while piloting your own aircraft. VR flight simulation games are popular for several reasons: one of which being the simulation of flight process itself. Feel the sensation of flying in VR and move as if you were your were a real pilot!
    Ultrawings PSVR 3dRudder Playstation VR



    Vertigo Home is the perfect game on PSVR for a friend gathering at home or if you need to win a bet. The instructions are quick to understand: you are moving forward on a psychedelic tunnel and you’ll have to avoid the random objects heading your way like pistols, skeletons, sphinx statues and wheels in order to finish the level. All this with a catchy playlist in the background. If you are trying to find a meaning in all this, don’t waste your time: there is none. And that’s why the game is genuinely funny.
    vertigo home psvr 3drudder



    TrainerVR is a simple but funny arcade game in VR where you’ll be able to build a train network and interact with many objects and structures to lead your train the right way, or to crash it into a cliff. Your choice!



    Pirate Flight is a simple, yet fascinating game. Flying in VR is always an awesome experience, and this  game is no exception. The style might remind you of cartoons, which won’t prevent you from having fun. Complete the different levels and tasks, all while navigating in your yellow plane.
    Pirate-Flight PSVR Playstation VR 3dRudder


      With CoolPaintR VR, your mind is your only limit! Created by Wild Bit Studios exclusively for PlayStation, CoolPaintR is a PSVR app that gathers everything the artist in you craves: an open space, countless brushes and materials, and unlimited color palettes! Just like in a 3D modelling software, use a large range of tools to create ambitious and inspiring artworks. From a simple draft to a large-scale and detailed landscape: with this app, you are now able to express your talents to the fullest. Use the 3dRudder foot motion controller to better observe your artworks and shift in perspective like if you were drawing in your living room, while your PS Move controllers are dedicated to drawing and designing the house of your dreams.

    • CoolPaintRVR-3dRudder-PSVR-PlayStation

        Transpose is a VR puzzle and exploration game developed by Secret Location Studios. Find yourself in a surreal environment where gravity and time doesn’t exist. Create past versions of yourself and use them in order to solve complex puzzles and to evolve to the next exit.



          Go-karting is back in virtual reality! Created by Ivanovich Games Studios, Touring Kart is a crazy racing game coming soon in virtual reality on PC and PlayStation. Enter an insane race with 30 different cars and 22 kart circuits where you’ll be able to play with up to 8 other people simultaneously! To help you win the race, you’ll have at your disposal various zany weapons, like chickens and bananas, that you can throw at your rivals to pull them off the road. You can also combine two weapons to create a new one! Use the 3dRudder to speed up, brake and turn with a great precision in order to take the lead, keeping your hands free to trick yours opponents in the most silly ways.
          Are you ready to take up the challenge? GO!


            Are your ready for some action? In Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition, you will experience what’s like to be on the battlefield during World War II. This first person shooter created by Strange Games Studios offers original graphics and over 40 stages in four different maps where you’ll be able to get bloody.


        Contagion VR is a first-person horror shooter developed by Monochrome studios. Put yourself in the shoes of the character of your choice and grab a gun : the end of humanity is coming now in virtual reality! To progress in this huge mess where humans and zombies coexist, you’ll have to explore the sharp environments of the game, search for scarce resources and fight for your life when necessary.


      • Cave Digger is an original mining game set up in the uncharted wild west. Use a vast variety of tools to dig and collect gems. Trade them for new gadgets that will help you dig even deeper into the mountain.Use the elevator to reach 4 different underground levels. Explore the village and the depths of the moutain to discover secrets, easter eggs, and several endings!
      • BLIND

        Created by Tiny Bull Studios, Blind is an intense psychological thriller that will give you night sweats. Put yourself in the shoes of a young  girl that wakes up in a mysterious manor just after an accident. You don’t know where you are and what for, but one thing is sure: you suddenly became completely blind! Your mission will be to escape from this strange and highly disturbing place. But be careful : it looks like someone is trying to keep you prisoner…


      Darkness Rollercoaster – Ultimate Shooter Edition is a crazy fast-paced adventure on a roller coaster created by Creative VR 3D studios. Choose your level, jump in your trolley and get ready to shoot your enemies, block their attacks with your shield and avoid the tricky pitfalls by moving your vehicle side to side.





      Have you ever visited a haunted house before? Maybe you’re part of those who think that “it’s not scary since it’s all fake”. Well, try it in virtual reality because AFFECTED: The Manor is definitively not for chickens. Even if you remain impassible to the creepy noises, the dead animals, the power outages and the teeming whispers in your ears, I bet you won’t stay calm when the mysterious black shape that is following you will pop up…Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
      Affected-the-manor PSVR 3dRudder

  • DWVR

    DWVR provides a lot of good old action packed fun, as you fight off skeletons and cyborgs, switching between guns, spells and swords. Immerse. yourself in this fast-paced game where your main focus will be to survive the incoming waves of enemies!
    DWVR 3dRudder PlayStation VR PSVR





    Created by developers at Dark Curry Studios, Undead Citadel is a soon-to-be-released action title on PSVR that takes place in the medieval era and where you’ll have to defeat an army of white walkers! Does it remind you of anything? No dragons here but we know the game will be physics-based and includes a large variety of action controls such as cutting, punching, stabbing, crushing, blasting or shooting a bow and arrow. Also, Undead Citadel promises to deliver stunning graphics!
    Undead Citadel PSVR 3dRudder Playstation VR



Redemption’s Guild, developped by Unlit Games, is one of the premier VR Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MORPGs) with an emphasis on combat, character progression and customization. Join your friends and discover one of the first VR RPGs. Entirely designed for VR from the ground up, experience pure immersion, adventuring through open world zones, battling waves of enemies in daunting Arenas, or sleuthing for loot in tense, labyrinthine dungeons. Brave the dangers alone or form up to a four-person team and restore balance to Stellaria.



  • Created by MotionX Studio, Dash Dash World is a multiplayer go-karting game, available soon to all VR platforms. Get into a hectic race in Virtual Reality, take the head of the leaderboard and destabilize your enemies with spells and objects. Enjoy your journey into a cartoon-inspired and colored universe and distinguish yourself with more than 100 customizable outfits for your character and more than 20 customizable karts.

  • Ilysia, coming Spring 2020, is a VR multiplayer online RPG set in the world of Ilysia. Players will travel alongside one another as they quest and explore a multitude of unique areas. Each area contains area bosses, dungeons, caves, and large outdoor cities, all waiting to be explored. Team up with your friends and players from all over the world to find treasures, complete quests and fight the guardians, the game’s area bosses.

  • Boiling Steel is a story-driven futuristic shooter game that will take you to another planet as you look to escape from religious, bureaucratic and other radical restrictions. Enjoy more than 10 hours of gameplay in breathtaking realistic sci-fi environments, combining exploration, combat and solving riddles. Customize the parameters of your robotic shell and play your style as your choices will affect gameplay.

    Proze: Enlightenment is a VR survival adventure created by SignSine studios and set in a Cold-War era military research facility. Go back and forth between the past and the present and follow a double scenario in order to understand the mysteries that had been hidden by the Soviet army.

  • TEMPUS 84 

  • Created by Portals Edge 360 studio, Tempus 84 is a time travel and adventure game coming soon on the Playstation Store.
    Imagine a world where you can time travel, go back in time or go into the future! In the games’s story mode, you will be in the shoes of a time traveler who wants to go back home to the year 2084. Unfortunately, you will get lost in time and get stuck in the 1980’s or 1990’s.
    Resist to the test of time in the multiplayer mode where you will cooperate with your teammates to repair your time travelling device.
    Good luck in this unique experience, time traveler!

    Nature Treks VR is quite unique in its genre. You’re having a hard week at work, or just crave for a quiet moment for yourself? Nature Treks VR is exactly what you need. At the crossroads of a fairy tale and a relaxing experience, it lets you explore nature and create your own world in a never-seen-before way. The 3dRudder is here to enhance this peaceful moment, making you feel like you’re floating about, wandering through the sceneries in an airy, magical way.
    Nature-Treks Playstation VR PSVR 3dRudder


  • And many more to come! Join the 3dRudder community now to enjoy hours of fun, surprising, unforgettable moments in VR and stay tuned for the latest news on the PlayStation VR compatible games.

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