A groundbreaking foot-powered 3D mouse for CAD

“As an Architect, I was dreaming of a device that would help me move around intuitively, while freeing my hands”

Valerio Bonora, Architect, 3dRudder Founder

“One of the key feature is how smooth it is to be able to shape and visualize with totally transparent commands”

James Lenglin, Architect & Designer

Shape with your hands, Navigate with your feet

Move around your objects smoothly

Thanks to its 4 axes, the 3dRudder lets you move around your objects the way you’re used to, with effortless movements of your feet on the platform. You just need to tilt the device forward/backward, left/right, rotate it or exert pressure to experience Orbit, Dolly, Pan and Orbit camera in a totally free way.

Free your hands for design only

As a daily user of CAD software, you’re used to multiplying actions with your hands, up to the point where your articulations are pushed to their limits. By transferring the camera mode to your feet, your hands are relieved and totally focused on shaping your creations.

Work more efficiently

One of the key feature offered by the 3dRudder is transparent commands. As you use your feet to move around your objects, you no longer need to ‘freeze’ action whilst in a middle of another command, nor to switch from mouse to keyboard. Providing total continuity of your actions, the 3dRudder will greatly improve the way you create.


4 axes to control your view mode and move around your objects


Rest your feet on the platform and navigate with effortless movements


Less than a minute to enjoy the full benefits of the 3dRudder


Associate the 3dRudder with any mouse or graphic pen and optimize the way you design

3dRudder: a user-friendly CAD peripheral


Computer PC – Desktop, Laptop
OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 bits)
Power USB (2 meter cable)
Commands enabled Orbit – Dolly – Pan – Vertical pan – Orbit camera

Supported CAD software

Coming soon…
More CAD software compatible

Tell us what software you work with

I work with the following software(s):

If other software:

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Order a pack or the plugin only

Plug your 3dRudder to your PC

Install the plugin and activate your license

Sit down, and put your feet on the 3dRudder

Launch your CAD software. You’re ready!

Now available!

Pack CAD Edition

a 3dRudder foot-powered 3D mouse
+ the Plugins + free unlimited Updates

$279 / 279€

What’s in the CAD Edition?

The CAD Edition includes a 3dRudder foot-operated motion controller + the plugins + free unlimited updates. Updates include addition of new supported software as well as new functionalities. In other words, your 3dRudder CAD Edition can be purchased today, and you’ll benefit from an increasing number of CAD software without having to pay a dollar more!

What exactly does the plugin?

The plugin enables your 3dRudder to be recognized by CAD software as an authorized peripheral. As of today, we are compatible with Rhino 3D but more CAD software will be available soon, and the new plugins will be included for free within the update.

Why is the 3dRudder not compatible with any CAD software?

Each CAD software was developed by publishers using different methods. Interfacing the 3dRudder with a given software requires specific developments. That’s why we’re working hard towards the integration of an increased number of software

Can I combine the 3dRudder with my existing peripheral?

Yes. Your 3dRudder will allow you to move around your designs and your usual peripherals (graphic pen, mouse) will be dedicated to creating