January 5, 2019

3dRudder for PC & VR

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99.00 $

The 1st ever foot motion controller for Virtual Reality & PC games to offer full freedom of movement in your games. Also a geat accessibility device on PC and Xbox via the Adaptive Controller.

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The 1st ever foot controller for Virtual Reality & PC games. Also a great accessibility controller. Winner of 4 CES “Innovation Awards”
Order now and enjoy:

  • Your very own 3dRudder and its USB 2 cable
  • A smart dashboard with pre-configured modes (keyboard, joystick, …) + various games set-up
  • Compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fast delivery and 15-day trial period

A groundbreaking foot-powered gaming, VR and 3D motion controller. Discover a new gaming experience. Move through your existing PC games and the new emerging VR worlds with your feet. Surprisingly intuitive and natural, it only takes a few seconds to master. Your hands are now free to shoot, grab, pull, push… You’re more immersed, more engaged. The 3dRudder comes with its intuitive and simple software Dashboard that will let you shape your own experience and choose between its various modes (keyboard keys, mouse, 3- or 4-axes joystick…). Also a great accessibility device to play PC games, and Xbox games via the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Additional information

Description in catalog page

The foot motion controller for VR games on PC, standard games, and the XBox Adaptive Controller



Long Name (product page)

Foot-powered motion controller for VR & PC games

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Included accessories

Built-in USB cable

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Red & Black


USB 2.0

Size (L x W x H)

13.39 x 13.39 x 2.84 in

Compatible games

VR games from Steam VR
VR games from Oculus store
Any PC game
Any Xbox game via the Xbox Adaptive Controller

OS Compatibility

Mac OS for firmware update only, Windows 10, Xbox One via the Xbox Adaptive Controller


USB 2.0 powered

Included Software

3dRudder dashboard
Preconfigured settings for over 50 games
Keyboard mode with up to 8 keybindings + double threshold
Mouse mode
Joystick/HOTAS mode
VR mode

VR devices compatibility

HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest via Link cable, Oculus Rift / S, Pico Neo / 2, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality


2 years

Weight (product)

2.7 kg

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