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Accessibility: Introducing the One-Foot Holder + “One Foot” mode, the new add-on for the 3dRudder foot motion controller

For people who suffered an injury, a stroke or were born with only one valid foot, we announce a new add-on, the One-Foot system for the 3dRudder foot motion controller, comprised of the One-Foot Holder accessory + the "One Foot" mode in the 3dRudder Dashboard software. The One-Foot Holder centers the foot and helps it stick to the board, providing optimal one-foot control of the VR, 3D or gaming experience for people using the 3dRudder with only one foot.

The 3dRudder foot motion controller is best used with two feet as it uses the natural balance of the human body to provide an effortless experience when moving in VR, gaming or 3D.

Now people who suffered an injury, a stroke or were born with only one valid foot, asked us for the possibility to use the 3dRudder with just one foot.

We came up with a unique hardware+software solution, the 3dRudder One-Foot system, comprised of a new “One-Foot” mode in our free-to-download 3dRudder Dashboard software, and a One-Foot Holder accessory to center the foot and help it stick to the board, providing maximum connection between the foot and the 3dRudder.

The One-Foot Holder and the “One-Foot” mode of the 3dRudder Dashboard are only to be used with the 3dRudder for PC. This option is not available yet for the 3dRudder for PlayStation or for the 3dRudder for PC when connected to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. As recommended by assistive technology specialists, we expect the One-Foot Holder to be used with a shoe on for even more control.

The 3dRudder One-Foot Holder is available via the official 3dRudder store for $99/99€.
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The 3dRudder foot motion controller is required and sold separately.

About 3dRudder
3dRudder was founded in 2014 in the south of France and has an office in New York, NY. The flagship product of the same name, 3dRudder, is a foot-powered movement controller, providing the most natural way to move in 2D, 3D and VR environments. The 3dRudder is available for PC and for PlayStation. For gamers, people suffering from limited upper-body mobility, for designers, architects, and professionals who want to do more in their 3D digital environments, 3dRudder keeps your hands free and enables total immersion in virtual reality, gaming and 3D.

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