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New 3dRudder Flex Mode for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

On Xbox, when the 3dRudder is plugged in the Adaptive Controller, it takes the functionality of a given thumb stick of the traditional gamepad. That being said, applying the settings of a hand controller to a foot controller can prove unsettling at first. The team at 3drudder has been working on a new set of settings with a focus on dead zone to neutralize the latency effect inherited from the thumb stick, and curves to make full use of 3drudder’s progressivity. The result is a set of 2 gaming configurations that offers an ideal balance between reactivity and sensitivity, and makes Xbox games so much enjoyable to play and easy to master.

PR 3dRudder announces new Flex Mode for the Adaptive Controller


CP 3dRudder lance le Flex Mode pour la Manette Adaptable Xbox


Video: 3dRudder's flex mode for the Xbox Adaptive Controller


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