3dRudder: Total motion control at the feet in PlayStation VR

Use your feet to move in PlayStation VR Games, hands free for action

Experience full, intuitive and precise motion control in already more than 40 PlayStation VR games with the revolutionary 3dRudder foot motion controller. Move forward, backward, strafe, turn, or move up & down. Speed up, slow down, stop exactly where you chose to. Achieve in seconds impossible movements like orbiting around a target while shooting at it. And notice how after just a few minutes, motion at the feet in VR becomes second nature. Holding the PlayStation Move controllers or the PlayStation Aim controller, your hands now focus solely on the action.
Run the game.

Move with your feet. Double the action.

The 3dRudder for PlayStation VR is a game-changer. Full freedom of movement. Hands-free for action. A sheer VR experience.

Take your PlayStation VR experience to a whole new level

Discover the power of your feet

It takes only a few seconds to learn how to use the 3dRudder. After about 20 to 30 minutes of playing, you’ll just totally forget about it. Moving with the feet in VR will have become second nature as it is in real life.

Move in VR with incredible precision and intuition

Your 3dRudder grants you full motion control: speed-up, slow down, stop exactly where you choose to. Your feet are surprisingly good at moving you. You don’t think movement anymore. They just take you where you need to go.

Free up your hands of motion

Your hands can finally focus on shooting, looting, hitting… You are fully immersed in a fuller, enhanced, thrilling virtual experience.

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“To everyone that’s saying “just put thumb sticks on the move controller” Sony didn’t make this and the people that did can’t change the move controller design. But this isn’t just a workaround either, having your feet do the movement work feels natural after a while and it frees your thumbs up for more button pressing ergo more control (more so in games that let you remap the button layout) and you can ruin people using standard controls in competitive games like Space Junkies. I understand the frustration with Sony but credit where credit is due (take it out on Sony if you must) these guys aren’t Sony and they have done a great job the thing works perfectly.”

Adam Kitching – comment to the 3dRudder for PlayStation trailer on Facebook

Full compatibility with the PlayStation VR system

The 3dRudder is compatible with all PlayStation VR accessories. The 3dRudder offers a seamless way to play with the Move Motion controllers, the Aim controller, and the Dualshock depending on the gameplay.

The 3dRudder also works with some standard PlayStation games

Want to increase your control options in Fortnite? Use the 3dRudder at the feet to move your character, change weapons, change tools, drive vehicles… A growing number of standard games are integrating the 3dRudder and start offering additional control schemes with it.


Experience total motion control in already more than 40 PlayStation VR compatible games, and also in a few standard PlayStation games, including Fortnite.

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