2019 February 6

Playstation VR: the 3dRudder gives wings to Ultrawings!

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Ultrawings is an aircraft game developed by Bit Planet Games. It is a flight simulator game, however, the flying in Ultrawings is not based on technicalities that could prove to be discouraging for a large number of players. Its compatibility with the 3dRudder device gives it new wings, relaunching the interest of a rich gameplay experience of about fifteen hours on PlayStation VR (PSVR).

Ultrawings offers you to train from apprentice pilot to confirmed pilot through fun and progressive missions beginning on a simple ULM and progressively earning the right to fly a very dynamic aerobatic aircraft. To do this, you are asked to validate your license to fly by completing various tests that will allow you to progress and evolve from island to island.

Ultrawings PSVR red aircraft

Real sensation of flight

Ultrawings offers excellent sensations such as flying at a high altitude, thrusting your engine, and turning about through the air. Everything is possible for anyone who dares. 4 planes can be unlocked, each one possessing its own flight characteristics and the distinct feelings that goes with them.
Ultrawings is played with the DualShock controller or PS Moves. However, it is with the PS Moves that the piloting is delivered in all its finesse and increases its immersion tenfold. During takeoff, they are used to press the two or three start buttons, and in flight to grab the plane’s yoke.
As rudder pedals would do for a PC, adding the 3dRudder controller to the PlayStation VR increases the wonderful sensations given by the game, a notch that will make Ultrawings definitely fall into the category of flight simulators.
Used in combination with the DualShock4 or PS move, the 3dRudder allows to free your hands for more noble tasks and more in line with a flight simulator.

The promise behind the 3dRudder in Ultrawings

Toggling the 3dRudder to the right or left allows you to control yaw (for beginners: make the aircraft turn to the right or left), and tilting the 3dRudder forward to brake when the aircraft is on land (very useful for landing).
The 3dRudder acts as a rudder pedal and allows you to control the aircraft’s pedals.
The combination of 3dRudder + PS move allows better immersion on PlayStation VR. This way, you can really feel like you have the navigation instruments in hand or you can concentrate without fear during the shooting phases. The 3dRudder completes the experience by offering the player the ability to maneuver different types of aircraft in the most immersive and realistic way possible. For example, the rudder (pedals) were previously controlled with a button on the PS move, but now with the 3dRudder, the action is now attached to the visuals: moveing the 3dRudder with your feet and allows you to see the actual pedals of your airplane move, thus enhancing immersion and intuition.

3dRudder controller for Ultrawings

Fly with the 3dRudder in a few weeks…

Ultrawings was released on December 19, 2017 on the PlayStation Store, it is priced at US$14.99 and it now offers native support for the 3dRudder foot controller (well, as soon as the 3dRudder comes out). New horizons of gameplay are offered to you, one of which is to (re)discover a game rich with more than fifteen hours of play.

This article was originally published in French on vrplayer.fr, the website specialized in PlayStation VR news, in collaboration with the 3dRudder team.

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