2019 February 11

PlayStation VR: Beat Blaster + 3dRudder, the addictive VR runner

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Beat Blaster is a VR runner involving shooting enemies and dodging obstacles to the frenetic rhythm of electro music. The game is divided into 30 different levels. Each of them offer different gameplay mechanics and has a unique beat. The goal is to reach the end of the level before time runs out, and in the process shoot as many enemies and targets as possible to achieve the highest score. The player will lose as soon as he bumps into anything (walls, obstacles, enemies etc.) or gets shot by an enemy. Difficulty increases level after level.

As a Beat Blaster player, you are constantly moving forward no matter what. While shooting enemies and targets, you will need to strafe left and right to dodge enemies and obstacles coming your way (sometimes unexpectedly), which feels incredibly intuitive with the 3dRudder motion controller. Tilting the device forward will make you speed up – very useful if you want to finish the level before the time limit and to dodge projectiles. And finally, by tilting the device backward, you can brake and get a temporary hold on time, just long enough to take a deep breath before the frenzy starts anew. Note that you don’t want to use your brake too much and take the risk to run out of time and fail beating the clock.

The game gets quite addictive just after a few minutes of playing it. It is one of these games that you just cannot stop playing until you finally successfully clear a level that resisted you for hours. And we know what we’re talking about!

You can play Beat Blaster with the 3dRudder in combination with the PS Move controllers or the PlayStation Aim controller. We loved both combinations. With the 3dRudder + the Aim controller, you feel like a true warrior (well until you get shot at without forewarning). With the 3dRudder + the PlayStation move, you see two big, reassuring guns in your field of view. The good news is they are yours. The bad news is…you’ll still get shot at in a matter of seconds. Well, at least during your first 10 minutes of playing.

We demoed Beat Blaster in VR during CES 2019, and all players, no matter their age or their VR proficiency, got hooked up right away, wanting to restart the game over and over again. They unanimously described the game as fun, utterly addictive and challenging!

Now is time for some bragging! Beat Blaster was designed with 3dRudder locomotion in mind. As a matter of fact, Ivanovich Games, the studio behind Beat Blaster, had the idea of a VR runner and decided to move the project forward after trying the 3dRudder motion controller. You can read the full story of the game on our business website.
That’s why the 3dRudder is the best motion controller on PlayStation VR and Steam VR for Beat Blaster. By playing Beat Blaster with the 3dRudder foot controller, all of your actions get more intuitive and your hands can focus 100% on shooting enemies and targets while you dodge, accelerate and brake with your feet– it truly makes a huge difference compared to other locomotion options.
Beat Blaster is definitely a must-have game that will provide you with tens of hours of fun. It feels like bringing a whole arcade system to your home.

Beat Blaster is to come out on PlayStation VR, and on Steam VR in a few weeks.

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