2020 September 14

Playing PC Games Again After A Stroke

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After experiencing a stroke, you may have lost the ability to use fully your right or left limbs. If your muscles are weak you could have difficulties with walking, moving your arms or holding things with your hands. Obviously playing video games may turn out to be a challenge, yet it is a great activity as it not only adds fun to tough times, it also helps recovering some of the lost functionalities and improving hand-eye coordination.

To get you as quickly as possible back in the game, we came up with the 3dRudder One-Foot System, an add-on to the amazing and unique 3dRudder foot motion controller.

The 3dRudder is best used with two feet as it is based on the natural balance of the human body to provide an effortless experience when moving in VR, gaming or 3D. Now people who suffered an injury, a stroke or were born with only one valid foot, asked us for the possibility to use the 3dRudder with just one foot in combination with one hand.

The 3dRudder One-Foot System enables just that. It is comprised of the One-Foot Holder accessory + the “One Foot” mode in the 3dRudder Dashboard software.

The One-Foot Holder centers the foot and helps it stick to the board, providing optimal one-foot control of the VR, 3D or gaming experience.

The “One Foot” mode is activated at calibration in the free-to-download 3dRudder Dashboard (see image below lower right option).

Your 3dRudder in “One-Foot” mode only provides 3 active axes: forward/backward, Left/right strafe, left/right turn. Up/down is desactivated as it requires both feet to be active. It is anyhow more than enough to map up to 12 keyboard keys to the foot controller.

As recommended by assistive technology specialists, we expect the One-Foot Holder to be used with a shoe on for even more control.

The 3dRudder One-Foot Holder is available via the official 3dRudder store at shop.3drudder.com/
Please note the 3dRudder foot motion controller is required and sold separately.

The One-Foot Holder and the “One-Foot” mode of the 3dRudder Dashboard are only to be used with the 3dRudder for PC. This option is not available yet for the 3dRudder for PlayStation.


Discover the 3dRudder One-Foot System and its benefits for people who suffered a stroke and want to play video games again.

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