2018 November 27

You can now play Vox Machinae with the 3dRudder

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What’s Vox Machinae about?

Vox Machinae is a VR mech game, but not just another VR mech game. Built from the ground up by Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation, Vox Machinae lets you take command of a giant fighting machine in an escalating war between powerful corporations. Aboard your giant grinder armed with an arsenal of lasers, missiles, and cannons, you’re pitted against rival Grinder squads, and the mission promises to get highly dangerous.
Released end of September, it took a few days only for journalists and gamers alike to agree on one point: Vox Machinae is a VR showcase with the right hint of old-school mech genre.Vox machinae artwork


What difference does the 3dRudder make?

If you have ever operated an excavator, you know how hard it is to control all the sticks and levers with 2 hands only. Well, it feels a little bit the same with a mech game, except you add another layer of complexity: weapons control.
Add the 3dRudder to your set of controls, and it’s a whole new matter.
When fighting rival squads agility is of the essence, and the movements enabled by the 3dRudder as well as their ease make the whole difference. Jumping, strafing, and -most important- rotating in a smooth, efficient way, gives you a pretty distinctive competitive advantage.

More immersion, more action

Playing a mech game is a seated matter. So when you involve your legs in the game, your whole body becomes part of the adventure. As Josh Enes, co-founder of Space Bullet Dynamics Corp. explains: “with the 3dRudder, it’s possible to keep the immersive feeling of controlling with your body while freeing up your hands to grab secondary controls such as the radio, horn, and eject handles more easily”. Multi-tasking becomes much more achievable.
Also a nice feature to explore with the 3dRudder: Vox Machinae Spectator Mode.

How to get started with the 3dRudder in Vox Machinae?

Playing Vox Machinae with the 3drudder will be done on a Plug & Play basis. Once updated through the Dashboard (the free software by 3dRudder), and plugged in your PC, the 3dRudder will be automatically enabled in Vox Machinae. A neat tutorial developed specifically for the 3dRudder walks you through the controls before you’re thrown in the fight arena.

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