2019 March 15

Pirate Flight PSVR: fly your plane with the 3dRudder in a fun, intuitive way

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Pirate Flight is a casual flying game developed by Frozen Gun Games that will soon be fully playable with the 3dRudder motion controller.
Pirate Flight is a colorful game which offers three types of flying experiences. You can either fly your plane while racing against non-playable characters, complete a balloon shooting challenge, or our personal favorite: the “rings” mode in which you fly through a bunch of yellow rings without crashing your aircraft and finishing the levels with the best possible time.
Pirate Flight PSVR dragoons
Pirate Flight was designed like an arcade flying game which makes it all the easier to start with and funnier to play. Andreas von Lepel, the developer and creator of the game, did a great job to make the game accessible to the greater number with different settings available.
First of all Pirate Flight, which is a PlayStation VR-only game offers a perfectly stable rate of 90 frames per minute: a critical criteria to guarantee playability even for people subject to motion sickness. Second, you can turn on what we could call “beginners” settings, with tunneling and activation of 2 axe4s only (pitch & yaw) to make it easier to start with and getting familiar with the controls.

Originally, the DualShock 4 wireless controller is the only way to control your plane: you pull the right trigger for gas, and use the left thumbstick to trigger yaw, roll and pitch.
Thanks to the native support of the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR, you’ll have the possibility to control yaw, roll and pitch with your feet.

Let’s see how that works:
– Yaw: spin the 3dRudder to make your plane go left or right
– Pitch: tilt the 3dRudder forward to plunge, tilt it backward to ascend
– Roll: tilt the 3dRudder left or right to trigger roll
3dRudder PSVR foot controller
The 3dRudder is a surprisingly efficient foot-powered flying controller. Its controls are intuitive and at the end it feels like your feet are part of the airplane. You can start playing Pirate Flight on PSVR with the 3dRudder with 2 axes only (namely pitch & yaw), before adding roll to perform the most tricky maneuveurs.
Here is what Andreas von Lepel describes his own experience with the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR in Pirate Flight:

In my personal experience using the 3dRudder helped with simulator sickness. I’m a good test case because in spite of being a hobby pilot flying real planes I experience simulator sickness as soon as I do some more aerobatic flying in virtual reality (rolls, sharp turns…).

For those of you who want to know more about Pirate Flight, what it took to port the game on PlayStation VR, and why Frozen Gun Games decided to add native support of the 3dRudder, you can read Andreas von Lepel testimonial on 3dRudderBusiness.com.

The 3dRudder is an essential piece of hardware for passionate VR gamers. It’s a smart controller of very good and robust quality.

Pirate Flight made for PSVR screenshot
Pirate Flight is available on PlayStation store.

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