3dRudder: extra gameplay options at the feet to gain the edge in PC games

Powerful. Versatile. Precise.

As a PC gamer playing with a keyboard, a mouse or a flight controller, you often feel limited, even frustrated, in terms of the gameplay options you can handle with your two hands. What if you could handle more controls by bringing your feet into the game? Sounds surprising or counterintuitive. Yet we are the only non-traditional controller natively supported by Fortnite. Yes, there’s more to the 3dRudder than meets the eyes: a partial foot keyboard (with up to 16 keys or combination of keys), a foot joystick/Hotas (up to 4-axes), or a combination of foot keyboard and mouse. So put your feet on it, and run the game in your favorite PC games.

The 3dRudder is compatible with most PC games

Shooter games,
battle royale,

The 3dRudder gives you the upper-hand

Turn your 3dRudder into an additional controller and use it to map keyboard keys and shortcuts, or a mix of key bindings and mouse moves to trigger more controls in your games. The 3dRudder is particularly well suited to control motion: shifting WASD to the feet makes a lot of sense as your brain will handle motion unconsciously as it does in real life where your hands are all for action. And you’ll notice how after just a few minutes, motion at the feet becomes second nature and is surprisingly precise.

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Free-mode 360° camera control for spectating

The 3dRudder is also great when spectating or live streaming yourself commenting a game. For example, you can hover over a CS:GO game with GOTV using the 3dRudder at the feet to control the 360 camera, achieving orbiting movements almost impossible to do with thumb-sticks for very cool views. And your hands are free for chatting or snacking.

The 3dRudder brings your feet into the game for you to gain the edge

Flight sim, space sim

The 3dRudder is a performing foot-powered flight controller

The 3dRudder is an impressive foot controller that will let you steer your plane or vessel as a seasoned pilot. Its 4 axes can be combined together to perform unfathomable aerial manoeuvres as a standalone joystick or Hotas, or associated with your usual joystick or HOTAS.

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When I fly with the 3dRudder, my opponents are unable to keep my vessel in their line of sight while I have them in my shooting range at all times.

The Dashboard: the app where it all starts

The Dashboard is the user-friendly app that makes it possible in just a few clicks to turn your 3dRudder into what you need it to be: partial foot keyboard with up to 16 keys, 4-axes foot joystick, foot Hotas, full-fledged foot mouse… With more than 50 ready-to-play game configurations and the possibility to adjust settings and create your own profiles, you’ll be amazed by how versatile your 3dRudder is.
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The 3dRudder is a great addition to your gaming setup. Compatible with most PC games your normally play with a keyboard, with a combination of keyboard and mouse, or with a joystick / Hotas.

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You like it in black?

We do! That’s why we created the Black Edition special bundle.
Customize your 3dRudder foot-controller, and save money!

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Experience total motion control in VR games

The 3dRudder offers full, intuitive and precise motion in your favorite VR games. A must-have motion controller compatible with the HTC Vive/Vive Pro, the Oculus Rift/Rift S and the Valve Index headsets.

Learn more on virtual reality on PC and on PlayStation VR.

The 3dRudder is also a great controller for gamers with upper-body limited mobility

Play again your favorite games on PC & Xbox using your feet. Combine the 3dRudder with other controllers, joysticks or buttons. Surprisingly intuitive, it will take you a few seconds to get familiarized with the controls of the 3dRudder. Versatile, the 3dRudder is an impressive PC controller you can turn instantly into a foot keyboard, a foot joystick, a foot Hotas, a foot mouse, or the foot stick of an Xbox controller (via the Xbox Adaptive Controller).

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