2016 May 19

More VR Input Mapping: Rewired Unity Input Plugin Adds Support For 3DRudder

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3DRudder and Guavaman Enterprises announced that Guavaman’s cross platform input plugin for Unity, Rewired, now supports 3DRudder’s VR locomotion device. Developers now have a simple solution to map 3DRudder’s input to their Unity based games.

3DRudder is a unique new VR input device. It offers the ability to map locomotion inputs to your feet, freeing up your hands for other tasks. The 3DRudder sits on the ground below your feet and registers the direction you rock the device for different movements. It lets you move forward and back, side to side, and rotate left and right, and it even lets you move on a vertical plane. None of these features are useful unless you can map them easily to your game or experience. That’s where Rewired comes in handy.

Rewired is a Unity engine plugin designed by Guavaman Enterprises designed to enable easy cross platform input device support. Rewired is meant to pick up where Unity’s basic input system falls short, giving developers native support for keyboard and mouse, joystick, gamepad, and racing wheel input devices. Rewired also supports specialty controllers such as advanced flight simulator hardware, light guns, and now 3DRudder.

“The 3DRudder represents the first in a new category of devices, one that will deepen the immersion experience and change gameplay for the better,” said Augie Maddox, founder of Guavaman Enterprises. “Navigating in a 3D world with your feet just makes sense. The 3DRudder makes it easy and intuitive. It feels like a natural extension of your body. Rewired’s support for the 3DRudder gives thousands of game developers immediate access to utilize this impressive new technology in their games.”

3DRudder is available for for $179. The company recently started shipping to early adopters and said that new orders have a one-month three week lead time.

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