3dRudder is a cool controller for VRChat

In VRChat you can chat, play, hang out, as you would in real life except you're in VR and your friends look like avatars! VRChat stands halfways between game and experience, with a high level of interactivity calling for a versatile motion controller such as the 3dRudder.

Without the 3dRudder

VRChat is often referred to as the future of VR because it's all about interactivity - meeting new people or gathering with friends - and it proposes so many activities you could spend the whole day with your VR headset on. Among the 3 types of activity (chat, play, hang out), playing probably is the most fun and certainly the one that requires a proper motion controller to move around and fully enjoy all the games.

With the 3dRudder

The 3dRudder is a cool controller for VRChat. Using the 3dRudder to play games in VRChat gives you access to free locomotion, including smooth rotation to explore any area with no constraint: no need for a dedicated space, no overhead cable management. Surprising thing is you get to move with such agility that you just can't believe you're seated. What's the more, your hands are free to interact with the Touch controllers of the Oculus Rift and easily master all the games.

How to set it up?

Right now, we have tested VRChat and prepared a ready-to-play configuration for Oculus Rift only. It's very easy to get started: 1- Launch the game on your computer
2- Open the 3dRudder Dashboard and go the Games tab
3- Select VRChat for Oculus Rift and click 'Activate game settings' to send the parameters to your 3dRudder

That's it! Sit down, put your feet on the 3dRudder, grab your Oculus and enjoy.