The Talos Principle VR

Play for hours in a row with the 3dRudder

The Talos Principle VR is the much-acclaimed VR version of the famous puzzle game. As the game takes a lot of walking, when it comes to choosing a locomotion mode, the 3dRudder is the ideal motion controller and obvious choice: with your feet on the 3dRudder, you will walk for hours seamlessly in the game all the while comfortably seated at your desk, your mind purely focused on solving the challenges.

Without the 3dRudder

The Talos Principle VR is the virtual reality conversion of the well-known Talos Principle, the very much acclaimed first-person puzzle game. And we’re saying conversion because it’s really been thought for VR: the game shines in VR with its cool graphics, real-time physics, and awesome atmosphere you want to spend hours in, and for once you can spend hours playing making the game worth the investment. The puzzles you have to solve get more difficult with each step, with this peculiar touch of esoterism, still giving you time to take the environment in. With its never-ending sceneries and long paths to follow, The Talos Principle VR is all about locomotion. And you know how much the 3dRudder likes true locomotion!

With the 3dRudder

The Talos Principle VR being a game that calls for hours of walking, the 3dRudder comes as the obvious locomotion choice. No need to stay standing for hours, no need to use teleportation unless absolutely necessary: the 3dRudder enables free locomotion powered by your feet while seated. It is intuitive to use (you just need to tilt the device forward to move forward, to the left to strafe left, or pivot it to turn around), and being seated lets you feel engrossed all the same (once you start moving in the game, your physical envelope does not matter much). Obviously, while your feet let you wander, your mind can be totally focused on solving the challenges, and your hands are freed up to grab the jammers.

How to set it up?

Playing with an HTC Vive:

1- In the 3dRudder’s dashboard, select "controller mode" in the ‘VR Unleashed mode for HTC Vive’ tab, and enter the settings as shown below, then click 'calibration'
2- In the "advanced VR controls" of the game, enter the settings as shown below 3dRudder settings for Talos Principle VR Talos Principle VR settings for the 3dRudder

Playing with an Oculus Rift:
Download the 3dRudder’s ‘VR Unleashed mode’ for the Oculus (Download & tutorial here). Launch the game on your computer and click ‘Activate’ in the ‘VR Unleashed mode’ window.

Now sit down, put your headset on and start solving puzzles!