Nature Treks VR

The 3dRudder will make you live a surreal journey

You’re having a hard week at work, or just crave for a quiet moment for yourself? Nature Treks VR is exactly what you need. At the crossroads of a fairy tale and a relaxing experience, it lets you explore nature and create your own world in a never-seen-before way.
The 3dRudder is here to enhance this peaceful moment, making you feel like you’re floating about, wandering through the sceneries in an airy, magical way.

Without the 3dRudder

Nature Treks VR is quite unique in its genre. Developed by Greener Games with the intent of creating a memorable VR experience that would help people feel better, it can be both described as a relaxing moment and an interactive VR experience. Nature Treks VR offers different environments, like the latest Red Savanna or Black beginning, that bring you to sceneries where you can create and shape your own world.

With the 3dRudder

As a VR experience dedicated to relaxation and well-being, Nature Treks VR is to be played seated. Comfortably installed in your favorite chair, headphone on to enjoy the ambient music, you can now put your feet on the 3dRudder, and start your journey to a faraway, peaceful world. While your feet trigger your movements, you’ll feel like you’re floating about, happy to throw down the creator orbs, and watch butterflies fluttering within arms’ reach or elephants wander around. Navigating in Nature Treks with the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller enhances the relaxing effect and will let you live quite a surreal experience.

How to set it up?

Nature Treks can be experienced both with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, and it is a 3dRudder-ready VR experience. So all you need to do is launch the game, grab your VR headset and put your feet on the 3dRudder to start navigating through the environments.