3dRudder gives you the edge in this very efficient action game

To all gamers seeking simple and efficient VR action games: AEON is live. The purpose of this FPS is a no brainer: you have to kill robots. Not that original, but exactly what you need when you just want to reach high adrenalin level.
Developed as a room-scale game (obviously not everybody knows of 3dRudder), space constraint soon becomes a game-killer as you cannot move to wherever you want and end up killing a limited number of enemies. That’s without the 3dRudder.
With the 3dRudder, avoiding masses of boxing robots, dodging rocket attacks and charging the enemies to cut them into slices turns out to be as simple as child’s play. Your attacks are lethal, you become a master at headshots: the tide has turned, advantage is yours.

Without the 3dRudder

Developed by 2 people under the name ‘Illusion Ranger’, Aeon is a VR game available on Steam and compatible with the HTC Vive. The 1st level offers pretty basic graphics and grants you 5 ‘lives’ and reloadable guns to make it out and try to reach level 2. The 2nd level is where it gets better. Graphics and behaviors are way more realistic (punch a robot in the gut and see him bend exactly where you hit him), you can use sharp cutting sabers, shoot noisy pistols and play with the bullet-time matrix-like effects as if you were there. Let’s say it, Aeon is a good game to unwind and have fun. Aeon is a room-scale game -that sounds cool for action- but how far you can move in the game is limited to the size of your room-scale area, and it usually is never bigger than 3x2 meters – that does not sounds cool for action – and that’s without saying, chances are you end up hitting a wall while trying to slice an enemy. On top of that, we advise a quick warm up before starting the game -dodging bullets and rockets is quite a sport- so as not to end up totally exhausted if not disoriented.

With the 3dRudder

No room for room-scale? You’re the lucky one. With the 3dRudder, you play seated, and control your every move in the game with easy, effortless movements of your feet on the 3dRudder. Immersion is great: in less than a minute, you just forget you’re seated and you move in the game as fast as you dare to, forward, backward, sideways and in rotation. The 3dRudder is a game-changer. Dodging becomes a child’s play, and you no longer fear your enemy’s attacks as you can come from behind and surprise them. Seize the sabers, move smoothly to wherever you want, start a frontal assault, punch the robots…have fun and unwind.

How to set it up?

Aeon is a VR game that can be played with the HTC Vive and the associated hand controllers. To play with the 3dRudder will take you a few seconds. Open up the 3dRudder Dashboard and click on the “VR” tab. Select “VR Locomotion” and click on “Activate VR Unleashed mode”. Your 3dRudder is now enabled as your locomotion mode in the game. Put your HTC Vive up to eyes level and click on “Calibration”. You’re ready to play.

Configuration used by our team: speed forward/backward, left/right and rotation at 1.500, up/down at zero