3dRudder: probably the best foot controller for Gaming & Computer Accessibility

The 3dRudder is a foot controller for gaming & computer accessibility

When the daily use of a computer peripheral or hand-held controller is a challenge or an impossibility, the 3dRudder brings an innovative solution by offering a new way to use your feet instead of your hands to control movement or map buttons.

Operate the 3dRudder with effortless movements of your feet

The 3dRudder weighs less than 4 pounds and using it requires effortless movements: just tilt the device, spin it or press your feet to trigger action. It is also surprisingly easy to get familiar with: you’ll need a few seconds to intuitively understand how to use it and a few more minutes to master its controls. Ideal for a daily use.

The 3dRudder works on PC and Xbox

The 3dRudder works both on PC and the Xbox. On a PC, the 3dRudder will emulate a foot mouse -to help you use Windows based applications- a foot keyboard, a joystick/HOTAS, and it can even emulate VR controllers to play your favorite VR games on PC. On the Xbox, you’ll be able to play your favorite Xbox games with the 3dRudder thanks to the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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