3dRudder is crowdfunding

We’re excited to announce we’re raising funds on the leading European equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. To access our campaign page, please click to access the campaign. If you live in the US or in Canada and certain other countries not open on Seedrs, please note you won’t be able to register on the platform as on any other European ones. Should you be interested in becoming a shareholder of 3dRudder please be aware we can accommodate you directly provided you’re a professional business angel or investor with the ability to invest 10.000€ or more. Contact us.

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A whole new kind of controller

Help us achieve our vision

We want to build the next Logitech, putting a 3dRudder foot controller under the feet of every virtual reality player, every gamer, and every 3D/VR professional. The Swiss global leader in computer peripherals was born with the graphical interface, offering one of the first mice to owners of the first Windows and Mac computers. 3dRudder was born with virtual reality. We offer a revolutionary controller to move in VR, gaming or navigate 3D environments, powered by the feet. We’re a French company, based in Aix-en-Provence.

Then a concept

Winner of 5 CES Innovation Awards, the 3dRudder represents a new category of peripherals: the foot controller. The concept was born when Valerio Bonora, then an Architect working on the 3D scan of a historical monument in Paris at scale 1:1, had the idea to shift motion controls to his feet to ease his work in this giant 3D environment. He drew several sketches of the future 3dRudder motion controller.

Now an acclaimed foot controller

Our team has achieved a lot since the inception in 2014: launch of the 3dRudder for PC, compatible with the major VR headsets, partnership with Sony that led to the release of the 3dRudder for PlayStation, compatibility with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and native integration in Fortnite. The 3dRudder is sold in over 700 stores around the world, and has a strong community of fans and supporters.

Support us and our vision!

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