2019 April 18

NEW: Immortal Legacy is out! Compatible soon with the 3dRudder

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Immortal Legacy: Immerse yourself in a thrilling bloodshed


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher is finally out!! Developed by VIVA Games, ILJC is an exciting first person shooter, exclusively available on Playstation for VR players.


Your name is Tyre and you are a former special forces soldier seeking answers after the mysterious death of your mother on the island of Yingzhou, China. In order to complete your quest, you’ll have to face many ennemies including hair-rising creatures, lovecraft-style monsters and a bunch of mercenaries among other surprises. All this in a creepy, enigmatic and highly disturbing landscape.



Notice that you must have 18 or more to play. Sensitive souls, be careful with this one!

Immortal Legacy 3dRudder PSVR

A frightening PSVR experience


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher is inspired by an ancient Chinese legend. There once was a demon called 夕 who brought chaos and destruction on New Year’s Eve. Time passes, legend becomes myth, and we have put our own twist on the tale.


Thousands of years ago, there was an emperor whose greatest desire was to become immortal. With the help of the greatest alchemists, he turned into a tyrant and began experimenting on his people. Every year on the same day, his soldiers would break down people’s doors and kidnap young, healthy citizens for his experiments.


These were no ordinary soldiers. They were taller and far stronger than normal humans. On their body, they all carried the mark 夕, a mark that soon became a symbol of fear among the population. Upasama, our hero’s mother, claimed that she suffered from these experimentations and that, as a consequence, she has lived unchanged for thousands of years.


Ksana, who you teamed up with, have apparently met Upasama. She wants to uncover the missing parts of her memory and the reason why she’s being hunted. But someone else got to Tyre’s mother first…Together, you will embark on an uncertain journey to Yingzhou isle. Your first mission will be to find the Twin Fish Jade.


immortal Legacy 3dRudder PSVR

ILJC is a convincing first episode


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher is expected to be the first opus of a series that promises to trigger big scares, and surely some nightmares, among the fans. The game, that mixes action and riddles to solve, offers convincing graphics along with a captivating story.


What we do appreciate about Immortal Legacy is that the game has been created so that the player can experience a permanent, sometimes oppressive tension. The use of virtual reality in an horror-type license like this one make everything even more striking. Beware: in this world, your character is always in danger.


To help you, you can count on a large set of weapons (15!!) that you can only control with your PS Move. From your loyal and effective knife to bad-ass machine guns, you must fight your way through enemies to clear the hidden mysteries of the island.


immortal Legacy 3dRudder PSVR

Choose a full immersion with 3dRudder


Good news! You’ll soon have the pleasure to experiment a more immersive, more intuitive gameplay with the 3dRudder for Playstation VR. The patch with native support will be available when the PlayStation VR licensed foot controller comes out.

The 3dRudder being a natural-born motion controller, guess what impact it will have on motion controls? Well, simply put, it will let you move freely in Immortal Legacy on PSVR while freeing-up your hands for action. Your PlayStation move will be dedicated to interaction while your feet will let you travel seamlessly in the game.


“We tried a lot of devices but only 3dRudder is perfectly fitted for the game. We will support 3dRudder, I have submitted a patch to Sony and I will make sure you guys can play the game as soon as the 3dRudder is launched” – VIVA Games


Immortal Legacy PSVR 3dRudder

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