2020 April 2

Half Life: Alyx is compatible with the 3dRudder on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

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Half Life: Alyx is compatible with the 3dRudder on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Fans of the Half Life franchise had been asking for a new title for a very long time now and Valve decided to deliver this new chapter in the form of a VR game: Half Life: Alyx.

The game gave a very good impression when the trailer was first released and was highly praised by the press. It is probably the first true AAA entirely built for VR.


Alyx is a VR first-person shooter, taking place between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

In this game you will be controlling Alyx Vance, daughter of Eli Vance, and fight against a mysterious race of aliens called The Combine after they conquered Earth.


The players seems to have particularly enjoyed the immersion the title offers as well as the realistic gravity system. A new gameplay feature will enable you to manipulate gravity via the gravity gloves, a weapon that the fans will link to the iconic gravity gun from Half Life 2.


Locomotion system

In this game there are 3 ways to move:

-Room-scale movement, for people who have enough space at home.

-Free locomotion by using the analog sticks on the VR controllers

-Teleportation movement

You can also enjoy free locomotion with the 3dRudder.
You will be able to play with the Rudder if you are using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift via the 3dRudder Dashboard.

You can use the settings we propose in the dashboard or you can make your own.

We recommend the following:

-Tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward to move forward/backward

-Titlt the 3dRudder left/right to strafe left/right

-Rotate the 3dRudder to turn right/left

The 3dRudder will free your hands from the management of movement and offer intuitive, natural and effortless movement, increasing immersion and the overall gameplay system.


We hope you will enjoy Alyx with the 3dRudder!

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