Intuitive. Precise. Versatile.

We worked hard to make the 3dRudder user-friendly, and yet give it so many functionalities. Turn it into a PC peripheral or a Xbox One stick in under a minute, and use it to move your character, drive a vehicle, or control a camera with effortless movements of your feet.

use your feet to play your favorite games

A recent accident has left me without the use of my left hand. Thanks to peripherals like the 3dRudder, I am excited to be able to continue playing my favorite games.

A powerful
button-free design

The 3dRudder weighs less than 4 pounds, and using it requires effortless movements:
just tilt the device, spin it or press your feet to trigger action.
It is also surprisingly easy to get familiar with: you’ll need a few seconds to intuitively
understand how to use it and a few more minutes to master its controls.
Ideal for a daily use.

Choose your platform

Foot controller for PC games

Turn your 3dRudder in a foot joystick or HOTAS, a foot keyboard,
a foot mouse in a few clicks, and create your own game profiles.

I'm on PC

Foot controller for Xbox One

Plug the 3dRudder in the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and use the
3dRudder as a foot-powered stick in your favorite Xbox games.

I'm on Xbox

Use your feet to control movement or map buttons

When the daily use of a computer peripheral or hand-held controller is a challenge or an impossibility, the 3dRudder brings an innovative solution by offering a new way to use your feet instead of your hands to control movement or map buttons.


Experience foot-powered locomotion in your PC & VR games. The 3dRudder is compatible with all types of PC games, and with VR games available on Steam VR and the Oculus store.

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